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24.06.2014 04:26
Charity Helps Those antworten

Charity Helps Those Leaving Polygamy Sect

Tonight updates the story of Willy Steed breaking away from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), the polygamous sect whose leader and prophet is Warren Jeffs. Without money or resources, Steed and his family turned to Holding Out HELP, a non governmental group that assists those seeking to leave polygamy.

The organization provides access to housing, food, clothing, counseling, mentoring, job training, education and referral services. It is one of very few organizations that specialize Authentic Aaron Donald Jersey in helping members of polygamous communities.

have entire families coming out, and many individuals. They aren equipped to deal with the outside world, Holding Out HELP executive director Tonia Tewel said.

Most of the individuals who their polygamist community are lacking in education, job training, and basic life skills, according to Tewell. Because they are shunned if they decide to leave, they often have no one to turn to.

don know how to function in the real world, Tewel said. don know how to make their own choices, because they have never had to face this. A lot of them don even have a high school education. the link to find out more about Holding Out HELP.

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