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19.06.2014 02:57
My guess North antworten

My guess North Gwinnett is as good as yours

Looking at the full season, North Gwinnett beat Norcross and Camden County two other contenders for the No. 1 ranking fairly handily. Also handled a pretty good Peachtree Ridge team that took Collins Hill and Norcross to the brink.

No other team had a better body of work over the regular season as North Gwinnett, IMO. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Doesn't matter if somebody else is playing better at the moment, or whether the injured quarterback is ready for the playoffs, or whether a coin toss didn't go the Bulldogs' way.

Lovejoy's No. 2 ranking hinged largely on having lost close on the road to the previous No. 1, Colquitt County. Once Colquitt loses, then all the benefit of the doubt that Lovejoy accrued from being otherwise unbeaten and being the 2012 runner up is gone.

Not many changes in the rankings otherwise. The post season should be fun.

Colquitt only had 1 unforced turnover. Turnovers are part of the game, that is why they are a stat. Camden shocked Colquitt quickly, Colquitt never fully recovered. Colquitt was balanced team going into that game, Camden made Colquitt one dimensional. The regions leading rusher was bottled up all night. Colquitt went into that game averaging 155 rushing a game. Camden did what they do best run, run,run and run some more. The number 1 team is North Gwinnett, 2 Lovejoy, 3 Camden 4 Colquitt, 5 Norcoss 6 Collins Hill, 7 Archer, 8 Hillgrove, 9 Hughes 10 North CobbReport this comment

Good point, TellItLikeItIs; unless you have seen the replacement QB play. He is bigger and faster. Just as good an arm. Fewer interceptions per attempt. More mobile. I am not going to make the point he is a better QB, but many folks in the North community think he may be. North hasn lost a step with QB Urzua and now they have 2 QB ready to go in case one gets hurt.

In the past North had issues in the playoffs if the QB got hurt or intimidated. That won be an issue with 2 solid QBs.

More importantly, the fear of having a rookie at QB caused North to develop a power running game. And it looks like that may make a huge difference inside the red zone.

North still has to get past Milton. Milton looks to be fully capable of playing a great competitive game. But, if and when North loses, it will not be because of the backup QB. Colquitt loses, Lovejoy loses. I just don follow. I don mind Lovejoy not being 1 but your reasons are a bit crazy. Lovejoy lost 16 starters and has not missed a beat. They had the nationally ranked team on the ropes with a chance to win, in their house. Because of this, they are denied the 1 ranking because said team loses?

You could have come up with better reasons than that to deny them. I hope we make it back to the Dome and win it all and then you can say no and if you did, who would care?Report this comment

I am not upset. I knew this was coming. If you note the lead statement, guess This is nothing new. No one guessed the last 2 years. We knew. I am not saying we will win it all this year but we are here and everyone in the state knows what that means.

I did not plan to go to practice Monday but now I feel compelled. What better way to add to the chip than by showing them the new top 10. They are already hungry. Imagine the team that took Colquitt to the wire, cheap nfl jerseys seasoned, hungry and full of bad intentions on the football field. The fire will come, starting Friday.

Welcome to 12 Oaks, Marietta. The best thing about your trip will be the ride down. I don have any bad feelings for the Devils but you are coming in at a bad time. The attitude will be at such a level, the crying will start early. The D will be angry. Very angry. This is not just for Marietta fans. Very disappointing season for the rams but luckily for me the Archer Tigers are very close and have some home games so I will be there wearing red.

Archer is being questioned because of the their schedule?

Well lets look at the contenders. R7 by way of playing each other is clearly the exception to the weak competition argument.

R1 had a very weak season so how much weight should any region games carry? Out of region Camden lost to North Gwinnett, Colquitt squeaked by Lovejoy and lost to Birmingham.

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