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17.06.2014 08:37
Select earrings temperament antworten

Party soil and water parenting party people, earrings to and temperament match, everyone of life environment and accept of education different, training out of temperament also different, so are to select for himself of Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store earrings, or not only cannot to others beauty, instead will to others has parody of feels, to others pure feels of people, must to wearing that decorative not many of earrings, to others rich feels of people, must to wearing that upscale points of earrings
Earrings with a sense of identity
Earrings and clothes, to be consistent with age, personality and identity. Wear simple earrings matching suits on the job, pay special attention to inlay work, too thick, reduces the value of the earrings. Exaggerated geometry, rough wooden earrings, Gypsy-style giant rings are wild taste, matched with leisure jeans, jackets, can make people rich and bold modern feel. Earrings should also be coordinated with age, young girls should be wearing a polygon shape, dynamic strong Stud Earrings, earrings, to shape the image of is full of youthful vigor, vitality, materials for making Tiffany and Co Bracelets Jewelry Outlet Online Store earring is not too hard. While middle-aged women must wear a piece of jewelry earrings, high quality perception is far more important than unique shape out of place.
Hairstyle choices earrings
1. schoolgirls in long straight hair shawls make-up wearing narrow, such as long chain earrings, beautiful and brilliant.
2. short hair female students wore Oblate or diamond earrings and sparkling earrings to heighten female students ' lively, smart, capable, but it shouldn't be used with long hair, earrings, effects of pleasure.
3. hair female hair in a bun, or students may wish to wear large earrings white or colored, or hanging earrings, look elegant and graceful.
4. the hair in long braids hairstyle schoolgirls should be hanging pendant diamond earrings.
5. schoolgirl asymmetrical hairstyle, wearing a large pair of Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale Store earrings, can serve to balance the effectiveness of distinctive flavor.

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