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13.06.2014 08:06
Best earring matching rules antworten

Whenever I see a market with a variety of beautiful bridal Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale jewelry-earrings, always wanted to own, but often wears on himself always found no unique qualities that, in fact, the best earrings also according to face shapes to choose.
For a square face, and earrings to match the best rule is to visually softer treatment of the facial lines, suitable choice flower-shaped, heart-shaped, oval-shaped earrings, can moderate and cosmetic facial head very well, also shifted the line of sight to a certain extent, his eyes locked on his beautiful earrings, to the neglect of facial lines is too obvious defects.
For those who face, exaggerated teardrop-shaped, triangular class earrings are very fit, you can choose the kind of wide bottom, narrow at the top to balance the pointed chin feels, but if it is wide at the top, narrow at the top, "inverted triangle" or don't try, the earrings will have the feeling of stretching the face, so chins more pointed, and underscored shortcomings.
Goose egg round faces the oriental faces women's traditional standards, this face shape don't pick earrings, each style of earrings can be worn, but the best Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store earrings match rule is to consider whether earrings match the personality to wear. Only the overall costume to achieve results, can claim to be perfect.
Who gave heart-shaped face earrings to match the best advice is to choose to wear circle round earring styles to soft and pointy Chin, so it looks more elegant.
Face larger people should not wear round earrings, it makes your face look even more huge. Best earrings to match the proposal should wear large earrings or under the triangle, smaller teardrop-shaped earrings, Visual sense of play full cheeks can be reduced, and play the role of elongated shape.
Long face can use attached ears, rounded earrings, feel less vertical extension, and soft. Button-shaped earrings, Stud Earrings are a good choice.
Control the bestTiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Store earrings to match rules to dress themselves, makes you look even more enticing.

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