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10.06.2014 09:16
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American professional running shoes model Saucony launched the second generation of Off - set so that you can 0 mm Virrata 2, together with ultra-low weight only 184 grams with weight and springback performance, given that listing in 2013 becomes a index of Saucony shoes. Completely new Virrata 2, 2014, upgraded to use Mono : Mesh breathable fast blow drying uppers, tie-in bright eye color design along with super flexible springback bottoms, continuation of Off - collection 0 mm height difference between before and after the design, will once again lead leader go through the most natural human running expertise, improve personal ability to work. Saucony has unique "0/4/8 running geometry" is running shoes Off - set (heel and forefoot relative height difference) reduced the peak from 12 mm to 8 mm / 4 millimeter / 0 mm design, through the Off - the particular set of the change, can let the particular runner runs nature will be the center of gravity moved on, which can help the runners from the most natural running posture, limit the risk joint injury. Saucony Virrata Only two to set the heel plus forefoot relative height difference in 0 mm, key pure runners run forward, before the runner's feet of the ground as well, also natural bending the particular knee joint, and then utilize the running forward type, near to nnike air max 2014ature in the form of progressive asymptotic process, at the same time, different from other conventional running shoes brand barefoot shoes is not the shortcomings of the run, Virrata end of EVA + Only two is 1.8 centimetres high, for both training along with buffering, runners are not only can savor the natural running of reliable training, had EVA + bottom also provide a buffer objective, provide runner challenge a wonderful buffer protection during long distance run, reduce the risk mutual injury. chaussure nike homme Virrata use surround type 2 boots in design, and use "HydraMax elastic fiber lining", bolster the heel design, improve the stability of heel, another shoenike air max pas cher to use Mono - large breathable Mesh fast drying net cloth, strengthen an entire pair of shoe breathable and comfort from inside to outside in addition to improved, the incredible enable runners have comfortable plus submissive new experiences. chaussures de running nike Virrata 2 Utilizes the Saucony characteristic of "triangle three-dimensional groove bottoms" 24 single-handedly springback area, make the runners function touchdown when maximum proper grip, when the ground is lowest friction, single-handedly rebound at the same time location as a piston, a role, make every step of the runner when trample flooring, more clearly feel the durability of springback propulsion, each measure will kinetic energy is converted into a forward thrust. Sole partition important anti-wear design, in the side and also heel on the outside of the main pounds placement, accurately using "wear-resisting silicone sole XT - 900", more permit the runner easily defeat road.

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