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07.06.2014 08:35
Wears glasses just as beautiful antworten

Women wearing Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Jewelry Outlet glasses, has been distressed for makeup. in fact, knowing himself, dressing properly, girls wearing glasses will also have a special charm.
Wearing nearsighted glasses
Eyeglass lenses will make the eyes appear to be narrowing, makeup; therefore, emphasis should be the eye. Drawing the eyes can be dark, eyes widened; drawing the eyes of reflective effect of the lens will be reduced accordingly after the paint marks.
Eye shadow color to solely for the good, rich color reduced image of the eye. Makeup dark coffee at the edge of the upper eyelid eye shadow, then slowly transition under the eyebrow, preferably with the same color eye shadow shades, ranging from dark brown to Brown. Because face extra additions to the frames and lenses, eye makeup must be relatively concise and simple. Volume eyelashes with mascara is necessary for short eyelashes dyed, but if you own great long lashes, get mascara on the subject after the lens, vision blurred.
Clear lenses eyeglasses
Clear lenses eyeglasses or women in smaller glasses, make-up should be based on the frame changes slightly, and glasses can be used as a decorative contrast your image and temperament.
With color glasses
When you wear color Fake Oakleys Gascan Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses, usually coated with a light warm colors or bright Pearl color eye shadow more appropriate, since lens changes can affect eye color shades, such as blue eye shadow under the reddish-brown lenses I was gray, and colored red eye shadow under the lens became Brown. Another method is to trace out the eyeliner, making the eyes appear more gods, omit the eye shadow.
Thin metal box frame
Sven, makeup focuses on detailed, concise and simple. Eyeliner or eye shadow brown tone is preferred, attention would eyebrow Soke straighten and closest to the light eyebrows, eyebrow powder brush, prominent eyebrows, eyelashes volume up or down, and brush on black mascara. Lip gloss with elegant pale orange, pale mauve and pink, and red, face makeup as a whole show a graceful and elegant temperament.
Amber painted box frames
Can be said to be both classic and lively, both feminine and sexy, and highly decorated, makeup corresponds to "great", with the picture frame to select the dark green, cobalt blue, ice blue or Eggplant Purple eyeliner or eye shadow, eyelashes need reinforcement of mascara in black, best Eyelash brush on a layer of plain brown mascara makes the eyes more beautiful. Lip gloss, combined with a frame color, more brilliant red, rose, silver, violet or purple, lighter-Yan-yan, to charming and sexy impression.
Vintage round light box frame
Bachelor's demeanor, reveals the wisdom and confidence, makeup color eye shadow with silver should be avoided and other exaggerated colors of eye shadow and mascara, preferably pale grey or pale brown series, with eyeliner, eyes slightly increased. Eyebrows should be light and combined with frames, focusing on showing natural and fresh breath, lip gloss with Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale blues, red is the most classical beautiful.

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