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06.06.2014 08:55
Face shape and frames with tips antworten

( 1 ) ─ ─ oval face shapes for a variety of Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale frames .
Oval face , also known as oval , is very consistent with oriental aesthetic standards of beauty face.
( 2 ) ─ ─ suitable for round face or square frames elongated or pear-shaped frames.
Round face is shorter, so it's best with a slight curve of slender frame to reconcile the overall sense .
Male round face : should optional flat -type or pear-shaped frames, frames should not use too round too square .
Women round face : in principle, to avoid using any very obvious feature of the frame , should be optional slightly warped slightly flat -type frame , should not use too round or linear frames.
( 3 ) square face ─ ─ fit round frames .
People cheeks wide square face , short face , looks strong, as soft facial lines , use a slight curve framework lets face look softer, easing too broad cheeks .
( 4 ) rectangular face ─ ─ fit rectangular frames .
Rectangular face because the face is longer, the Fake Oakleys Gascan Sunglasses Cheap for Sale framework should cover the face as much as possible and choose the bold frame frames to reduce the long face impression.
Men rectangular face : should choose glasses frames longer ring height , such as the approximate height of the large square frames wealthy .
Women rectangular face: should approximate matching with square edges and corners of the frame , the height of the lens ring can be higher, in order to neutralize the long face.
( 5 ) ─ ─ seeds suitable for oval face thin frame glasses.
It should be said , who blessed oval face can wear a variety of glasses, and thin vertical lines of the frame border and is most suitable .
Men seeds face: should choose glasses over the top of a narrow circle of the bottom frame, generally do not use flat -type frames .
Female seeds face: should choose Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Jewelry Outlet glasses over the top of a narrow circle below the height of small and upturned glasses , in order to increase the visual length of the face .

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