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31.05.2014 08:36
What kind of sunglasses does not hurt eye antworten

Summer is coming, everyone Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Jewelry Outlet sunglasses. What summer sunglasses are good, there is no need to wear sunglasses? Here can tell you for sure, must wear my sunglasses, especially in the case of strong sunlight, and it's not just about beautiful, sunglasses still have many benefits.
Sunglasses what is the main function?
Sunglasses, one of the most important functions is to block the glare, avoid excessive UV harmful rays into the eye, causing injury. If you wear sunglasses in the summer, the first will alleviate the burden of regulation of the ciliary muscle of the eye in bright light, letting in natural light to the human eye see objects, when this time is the most comfortable to the human eye. Second, wore sunglasses not only to block harmful rays, windy weather, it also prevents dust particles into the person's eyes, which to a certain extent, also became the patron saint of eyes. According to experts for determination, since 1996, the sunspot activity with increasing frequency, causing UV rays on the human body injury is also growing. Especially in the Highlands region, due to the sunshine long time, the most susceptible to UV damage and, therefore, people living in these areas should wear sunglasses.
What color sunglasses for eyes?
Earliest when only the big boxes, big Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale sunglasses lens, because it particularly like frog eyes, so it is also called frogskins, dot, and color only, black. Now, there are already more than 20 kinds, wide-brimmed, narrow, square, round, long, too. Too many colors, such as red, green, yellow, amber, confusing, choices, but not his mind. What color is not good for eyes, do you like sunglasses to wear is not necessarily right for you now say sunglasses color problems.
At present, the sunglasses lenses on the market of production materials and basically the same myopia lenses, glass and Plexiglas two broad categories, but processed differently. Glass lens sunglasses are mainly mixed in the glass add some metal salts with special absorption properties, such as a nickel and cobalt glass purple by adding cobalt and copper glass lenses are blue. Resin lens sunglasses immersion dyeing method is used, is the lenses to soak in the hot water of organic pigments for coloring. No matter what kind of coloring, color sunglasses must be good for our eyes. Then, in the face of so many colored sunglasses on the market, which we should choose it?
Expert: human physiology point of view, gray, green, Brown eyes on one good bad too deep too shallow.
Color too dark sunglasses may be accidents because of poor traffic signal recognition, sunglasses that have lighter colors and no sun. Currently only on red, and green, and yellow three species color Sun mirror of traffic signal recognition capacity made has strictly provides, other color and no related provides, but here has a enrollment, you in pick Sun mirror Shi may wish to try a try, that is in purchased Shi must to try wearing Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Jewelry Outlet, see around environment chromatic aberration changes size, chromatic aberration changes small of Sun mirror generally is comparison suitable

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