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28.05.2014 04:26
What kind of snake is this antworten

What wholesale jerseys kind of snake is this

in reply to lemonie4 years agoReplyI stand corrected I'd somehow thought snake eggs would have to look like frog eggs (so much for me as naturalist). These are pics of some Black Rat Snake eggs.I don't think you'll have snakes everywhere if you do let the clutch hatch not if you have raccoons, foxes, bobcats, owls, hawks, eagles, cats, and/or any other such predators around.This site has a lot of good info on Rat Snakes, including the Texas Rat Snake, which I suspect is the one you have. It says in part:"Rat snakes are very useful around barns and in the farming community. These snakes should be welcome on farms because they help control the pest population (rodents)."(And since you don't raise chickens, their taste for eggs and nestlings won't be a problem.)I was afraid it might be kind of presumptous of me to go naming your snake for you like that, so I'm very glad you like "Ratilla" :).4 years agoReplyWell, here's what the expert says."The snake in your photo is an Eastern Yellow bellied Racer (Coluber constrictor flaviventris). It is HARMLESS. I would suggest that you leave the eggs as you found them. Hopefully they will hatch and the young will go about their business. Keep in mind that most snakes do not stay with their eggs once they lay them so it is possible that unless that snake had just finished laying those eggs when you discovered it, that the eggs might be of some other creature. Perhaps the Racer was exploring the nest with the intent of eating the eggs. They do feed on the eggs of other snakes, lizards and turtles among other things. I'd leave the nest alone and just observe it for the next month or two and see what, if anything, actually hatches out.Below is a link with a couple of photos of the Eastern Yellow bellied Racer:Gerald KeownThe Venomous Snakes of TexasSouthwestern Center for Herpetological ResearchThank you all for your help. General consensus non venomous Leave 'em alone. I'll keep an eye on the nest just because I'm curious to see what hatches!4 years agoReplyLooks kind of like a Rat Snake to me.If so, the good news is that they aren't poisonous (although they can bite, cheap jerseys and it will hurt as bad as a bite from any other animal about that size could get infected), and they eat rats mice (hence the name).The bad news is that they also eat bird eggs and nestlings. I'm assuming the eggs in your picture are chicken eggs that somehow also found their way into the wood pile: I'd move the eggs and their associated hen someplace safer, and leave the woodpile and its rodents to your new friend "Ratilla." :)

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