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12.05.2014 03:23
Why the CFL is just plain bad antworten

Why the CFL is just plain bad

Lions defence? How about a single offensive lineman from either the Lions or the Winnipeg Blue Bombers? Probably not, right? That because you likely don care about the CFL.

I, personally, couldn care less about this association of teams that amounts to minor league football. I just don't understand what the appeal is.

The rules seem ridiculous, giving the offence an incredible amount of leeway despite taking away a down. Receivers get a running start before the snap and only need to get one foot inbounds on a catch, there's a yard to separate the two opposing lines, the field is wider and the end zones look like they're half the size of the field.

The quality of play is terrible, likely because the players with enough talent to make the NFL undoubtedly go there. Why would anybody want to play for probably less than 20% of the money that could be made in the states if they had a chance to even just make a team's practice squad?

There's a reason why Anthony Calvillo arguably one of, if not the best QB the CFL has ever seen never played in the NFL: He simply isn't or was never good enough.

Another great case is that of Casey Printers. Lions and then was invited to the Kansas City Chiefs training camp. Well he wasn't even good enough to beat out Tyler Thigpen or Brodie Croyle. He then came back to the CFL and was signed to a deal that made him the highest paid player in the league.

Isn't that something? Not good enough to make a NFL team that went 4 12, but good enough to be the highest paid player in the CFL.

The only players you really see do well in the NFL after leaving the CFL are defenders, like Miami's Cameron Wake. Because the rules are so slanted towards the offence up here, if you're an elite player who can overcome that disadvantage, you have a fairly good shot at making a team down south.

But then again, I am from Toronto, where it's pretty tough to love an inferior style of football when its superior neighbour comes north once a year. I stand corrected he writes for the Sun. I apologize for using that comparison, but the CFL is to the NFL Like the Sun is to the Toronto Star.

The CFL has many fans across the country and we are all aware the talent level is not the same calibre of the NFL. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

If his analogy is to Wholesale NFL Jerseys be compared to other sports we shouldn have minor league baseball or hockey. They are inferior.

Could you imagine a world where only major centres have professional teams, I guess we would all have to sit at home and watch TV and cheer for a team that we could only hope to see some day live. No local heroes, no small newspaper sports dept. no jobs for trainers wanting to work their way up to the big leagues. No referee being able to hone their skills at a higher level. coaches would all have to come from the amatuer level.

The bottom line is wholesale jerseys the CFL is entertaining football and will never be the NFL. We want to go to the game to cheer loud and have a good time, we want to have local hero for our youth to look up to. Charities rely heavily on these athlete to donate their time to help raise money and awareness for many different causes.

So Dan next time you write an article, please look back in some of your notes from journalism school. As I am sure one of the first things you are taught is to get all the facts.

Why do people sit in small rinks around the country, going to high scholl football games, watching Pee Wee baseball. Because it is enjoyable to watch and gets us out doing something besides having to read your articles.

Oh little, little Danny boy, and you are a boy. Its quite obvious your attack on the CFL is merely a means by which you will actually have someone read your tripe. It seems to be quite the Toronto ploy by scribes from The Big Smoke, as when they are desperate to have people read their columns, they resort to CFL bashing because they know the response it will get. The reason this is obvious, because as you explain how the Bills are so superior in Toronto is in direct conflict to the facts. As reported by a colleague of yours from the Toronto Star, the game this year had only 29000 tickets sold. An absolute pathetic showing by a so callled NFL city. Good luck in your career, i think your style of writing is more apt for the likes of supermarket tabloids, where lies and heresay are the norm.

What about some of the top named NFL talent who came to the CFL and bombed or performed mediocre at best?

Ricky Williams, NFL superstar, still in his prime, was mediocre in the CFL well behind rushing leader Joffrey Reynolds.

Joe Thiesman, future NFL superstar, never won a Grey Cup in the CFL, but dominated the NFL.

Mark Gastineau, one of the greatest NFL defensive players of all time, his time in the CFL was laughable.

Lawrence Phillips, one of the most talented NFL players to come to the CFL and be cut by Montreal and Calgary.

Doug Flutie, was amazing in the CFL, and amazing in the NFL. Why didn he play there sooner? Because of NFL politics, they didn give him a chance, and that the reason most of the amazing CFL talent that tried out in the NFL didn make it politics. They already had high salaries for some other big name in the same position.

Warren Moon, fantastic in the CFL, even more dominant in the NFL.

As you can see it works both ways. They are different sports, and I will say the NFL does have on average better athletes, the game itself is far inferior to the CFL in terms of pure entertainment (not counting the huge $$$ the americans throw at the tv experience to glam it up).

The vast majority of us in the west prefer CFL over NFL, in fact, that the case for most of Canada. Although, I am forgiving I too once believed the CFL to be of little value when I was a naive little preppie larva. Now that I am grown, and have gathered more life experience, I have become quite fond of the Canadian game. I have enjoyed the last several seasons immensely will be in attandance again next year amongst the faithful when the season opens on Canada Day!

My outlook on the CFL may be rose coloured, as I am a BC Lions fan, and am still basking in the glow of Grey Cup victory but hey, I was very happy to see so many fans at that game wearing their own team jerseys. All 8 teams were represented, even the Argos, young Danny. I remember the good old days, when had to have a working knowledge, or at least attempt unbiased research, but alas, you can get a start by checking it out when the Grey Cup is in Toronto next year. (Note Danny: the Grey Cup is the name of the Trophy as well as the Championship game.)

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