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09.05.2014 07:22
Glasses girl makeup zero difficulty antworten

Wear eye makeup look good just not, don't worry, Fake Oakleys Gascan Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses girl makeup actually nothing difficult, less eyeliner and mascara can't , how to do it, remember the following 7 principles, can do it.
According to makeup artist suggested that his glasses at least eyeliner and mascara. Sounds easy to do difficult? Actually just remember the following principles, you will be more and more handy.
1, if the eyebrows are more cluttered, then it should be in the eyebrow pencil when you finish dyeing eyebrows with eyebrow shaping liquid stereotyped
Transparent eyebrow shaping fluid feels like mascara, able to tame unruly eyebrows so you always remain bright and uncluttered look. If you don't have eyebrows, it can be directly coated with a layer of transparent shape liquid.
2, if the dark circles are most noticeable, then you can ignore steps painted eyes, against prominent black eye visuals
Even if they do not paint eyeliner, mascara-brush eyelashes can also enlarge the eye. Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet Glasses itself already has a frame effect, so eye requires relatively softer. When I painted the eyeliner, preferably with a soft eyeliner effect of powder to avoid styling and strong sense of hard line gel eyeliner, After you finish, gently with a cotton swab and then SUMI played down the eyeliner.
3, always before the mascara curled lashes, otherwise it may damage eyelashes
Posted on the lashes Eyelash curling, hold for 10 seconds on just once is enough, and mascara on again. If, after mascara on curled lashes, eyelashes will be more easy to embrittlement and fall off.
4, the curved glass panel will highlight the dark yellow skin and dark circles, have a sense of age
Therefore, appropriate color fix concealer is very necessary. Use a makeup brush to color correction fluid (or Foundation), painted on the inside corner, then Halo opening with your finger to make it fit in with the color, Before dark circles concealer on desalination, with a paper towel to clean brushes.
5, eye shadow should match the eyeglass frame colors
Eye shadow color should not be linked to the glasses frame difference is too large. Recommended options than frame light background first, eye shadow, eye crease to sweep in and Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale frame colors like dark, and eyeliner and mascara.

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