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04.05.2014 06:03
Sunglasses common sense antworten

Q: What are the basic models of Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses?

A: 1, a special mechanism plate frame plate frame special mechanism to allow shades and color saturation unique combination brings beautiful visual impact, the most suitable for you distinctive.

2, personalized square lens want to have star-like visual effects, highlighting the personality of the square lens sunglasses are the best choice.

3, FOX upturned end of eye -type design, modification magical eye lines ; with great artistic sense curvature lens barrel, but right then.

4, thin metal frame, tint lenses both in the daytime, or travel cabin, night Party, wearing all OK. The ultra- modern compact mirror arm design, concentrations of less than 50% of the lens color, do not make you feel inadequate.

5, yurt inspired by the classic aviator style male. Also choose a soft gradient lenses, increasing feminine.

Q: How to choose sunglasses?

A: First, to check the quality of the Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet lens. Surface should be smooth, no wear marks, bubbles ; lens flat, horizontal direction from the point of view of the lens without warping. Secondly, it is comfortable to wear. Sunglasses should basically consistent with the width of the face width ; whether equality of the sides of the nose ; There did not withstand the temple, the temple there is no burden on the top of the ear and other issues. Third, pay attention to the lenses of different colors, facial feeling will change dramatically. Fourth, it is also related with the height, but also take into account the balance when wearing the body. In short, try to be more wear and more.

Q: Choose a different face sunglasses pay attention to what?

A: First, what kind of face you want to fit what the models have an objective judgment. Tick off any suitable oval sunglasses, we selected a round face, square face, inverted triangle face, long face, such as four representatives.

Round face : square frames can make your face look slightly angular ; FOX lines up beneath the frame, stretching the length from the beginning of the cheeks, wear to make people feel capable ; most do not recommend a circular frames, make your face look more round.

Quartet face: should avoid to focus our eyes on the contours of the face, there is a sense of the presence of the sunglasses on the most suitable. Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses itself great impact, even if the frame up will make people pay attention to the cheek, do not worry about not fit.

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