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30.04.2014 06:13
Be careful to wear colored contact lenses antworten

Junior on this year's Sun is a very fashionable girl, recently while shopping with my classmates, at a small shop to buy a pair of colored Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount contact lenses, not a long time, Sun felt eyes tight, there was something in feeling, dry tears, even in cases of congestion and inflammation, Checked into the hospital only to find colored contact lens wear caused by improper corneal ulcers, which makes beauty of Sun life.
Reminder: wear colored contact lenses can cause blindness
Color contact lenses, is a decorative sexual of contact lenses, also was called beauty mirror, due to wearing comfort, and convenient and beautiful, some originally no vision problem of young, also like through wearing colorful of color contact lenses to change themselves pupil of color, show personality and fashion, but rarely was knows, this not by check free wearing color contact lenses of new fashion, also raised has many eye hidden.
Color contact lenses thickness, and hardness obviously is greater than general contact lenses, due to it is in General stealth lenses Shang plus plated color, will blocked Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount lenses of part breathable hole, reduced lenses of through oxygen, and breathable sexual, and eye if long-term hypoxia dry, is easy caused corneal infection, and ulcer, complications, if products exists quality problem, is may will led to color shedding, on eyes caused more big hurt.
Reminder: don't exceed 8 hours a day contact lenses
At the same time, color on color contact lenses around, the pupil diameter is generally fixed at 4-6 mm, depending on the light of the pupil of the human eye brightness increase or decrease, when the light is too dark, and pupil diameter may be larger than 6 mm, this is going to cause the night visual impairments. If long-term wear these contact lenses, eye night vision scope and clarity is likely to be affected.
Tip: rub contact lens cleaning must be otherwise infection rates rise
Professor Yim reminders, color contact lenses the Central transparent area is fixed, it does not like eye pupil, depending on the light intensity changes big and small, dark or light space at night, wear colored contact lenses appear blurred, and should not be worn while driving at night. Even under stable light, colored contact lenses because the eye moves the way and thus prone to eyestrain, unsuitable for long-term wear. Furthermore, in environments with dust and sand or swimming, not to wear color contact lenses; at school, wearing colored Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale lenses may not be safe, because this causes the eyeball shift, covering the pupil and affect vision.

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