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29.04.2014 05:31
Choice of various functional sunglasses antworten

Keep a pair of Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses summer is necessary, but if you select are a pair of sunglasses that shoddy, substandard, not just not strong enough to resist ultraviolet rays and can dilate, resulting in eye lens more UV, so sunglasses not optional accessories. Then, choose sunglasses should pay attention to what?
1, the UV filter 99%: a good quality pair of sunglasses should be able to filter 99% to 100% for type a type b ultraviolet rays, and the color is uniform, images are not deformed or have other defects. Checks whether the sunglasses comply with the standards, you can lift it, some rectangular pattern-oriented, such as floor, slowly move up and down around lens, rectangular lines remain straight, to qualify. Studies have shown that, while snow skiing or water skiing at sea, wearing poor-man Sun glasses than those who didn't wear glasses, accepted three times higher doses of ultraviolet radiation.
2, 100% or UV400 UV filters: high quality sunglasses should have this tag. Sometimes labels written as "ultraviolet absorption at 400nm", which means that under normal circumstances, Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale can provide excellent UV protection.
3, Splitter: splitter can remove the thorn dazzling light due to reflection, suitable for driving as well as other water sports.
4, mask Sunglasses: exterior design prevents light from edge of frame injection, who frequently engaged in outdoor activities or sports, to provide special protection, while preventing the light is reflected by the back of the eye.
5, metallized glass or reflective lenses: lenses coated with thin metal layer can reduce all the light enters the eye, but not completely filtered ultraviolet.
6, gradient lenses: these lenses will not be depending on the light intensity and color of change, single gradient and double gradient in two ways. Single layer gradient lenses, lenses from top to bottom color from dark to light, most suitable for motorists, can block the glare of the Sun, but also let drivers see dashboards; double gradient lenses, lies on lens respectively, both under dark, intermediate colors are the most shallow. This design is best blocking, snow or Sky reflection of light from the surface.
7 lenses, polycarbonate Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale lenses, space: Polycarbonate fiber glass is mainly used to manufacture Jet canopy, riot shields and sport glasses. Indeed, this sturdy material, any number of lens manufacture.

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