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29.04.2014 04:50
The Hunger Games antworten

The Hunger Games Derrick Rose M Jersey

Catching Fire is an improvement over last year's quadrilogy opener, even if designed and executed as a placeholder (complete with a cliffhanger ending) rather than a full blooded story on its own. Having previously prevailed in the annual Hunger Games staged by an evil dictator (Donald Sutherland), Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) join their drunky mentor Haymitch Joakim Noah M Jersey (Woody Harrelson) to be paraded around in a Soviet style pacification of the downtrodden audience; then the pair is inevitably sucked back into another round of the Games. Despite the 146 minute movie's lopsided structure, it manages to sustain some momentum in no small part thanks to Lawrence's complete commitment to this pulpy material. We also get a new supporting cast with some surprisingly top shelf talent: Philip Seymour Hoffman as a Games designer; Jeffrey Wright and Jena Malone as former Games victors; and newcomer/sure thing breakout star Sam Claflin as a potential third romantic possibility for Katniss.

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