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25.04.2014 04:04
When did Angela Nazario antworten

When did Angela Nazario and Larry Fitzgerald start having domestic problems

Angela Nazario is the mother of Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald's son

Angela Nazario is the mother of Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald's son. She claims Fitzgerald physically abused her in an October 2008 incident after the couple had been arguing, She brought their son to visit him at his Phoenix home. Nazario claims that Fitzgerald attempted to "diffuse" the situation by challenging her to a "play fight."

Nazario admits she became violent after the fake challenge, stating she "may have hit his face." Fitzgerald reportedly became enraged after Nazario's show of violence, throwing her onto a marble floor and ripping out chunks of her hair. Fitzgerald was ordered to stay away from Nazario and their son following a criminal complaint.

Angela Wholesale Lions Jerseys Nazario Answers

What's the deal with those Arizona Cardinals players? TMZ is reporting that Angela Nazario (I can't find anymore photos of her except the one above), is claiming that Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Jr. is her unborn baby's daddy!! See a biography of Angela here!

All that is known about Angela is that she is a former Oakland Raiders cheerleader, is 37 years old, and lives in Wholesale Jerseys Flagstaff, Arizona (according to news reports in Arizona).

Angela claims that she and Fitzgerald had a sexual relationship and he is not denying that fact, but he is requesting that a DNA paternity test be done on the baby after it is born. See the court docs here.

Nazario wants child support from Fitzgerald (cha Cheap Jerseys ching!), and he states that he will provide that if he is declared the father. A source close to Nazario revealed that Larry wanted her to "hide out" in Arizona and wanted her to have an abortion. There are claims that he tried to bribe her with houses and cars but when she refused his bribes, he said that he "didn't need this all over the news like Matt Leinart". I don't think Larry will be posting this news on his website. Heh heh.

More photos of Angela Nazario will be below as they become available.

Hat tip to Sportaphile for the photo of Angela

Thank you to one of our readers for the tip on the updated photo of AngelaThis entry was posted on October 26, 2007 at 7:54 pm and is filed under Football, Sports Scandals. by Dell

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Back in October, a pregnant Angela Nazario filed suit against Larry Fitzgerald seeking child support. (No idea how you can file for that before a baby is even born, but whatevs.) Larry didn't deny the child was his, but wanted a paternity test done just in case.

Angela gave birth to Devin Nazario Fitzgerald on New Years day, and her mother has gone on record to say the kid definitely belongs to Larry. A Coconino County judge has issued an order confirming the child is his, so it looks like he went ahead and got Cheap Lions Jerseys the paternity test done.

The funny part about all this is how Larry and his father seemed pissed at the media about all of this commotion, moreso Larry's dad.

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