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22.04.2014 05:45
How Google goggles killed Facebook antworten

The New York Times writer Clive Thompson's wife Emily Nussbaum in a blog post, elaborated always with Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount goggles to live with what it feels like. She noted that in the text using Google goggles to share photos of the interesting phenomena: Google goggles photos taken automatically backing up and sharing to Google+.
This surface may seem no big deal, but if carefully crafted, this is not the case. Details of this article suggest that Google goggles may pose a major threat to Facebook and Instagram.
Thompson described himself on Google goggles showed that the device will certainly have a significant impact on photography. Take a look at these two experiences existing disparities:
1, with the help of Google goggles, just touch the frame or issuing voice commands, we can quickly take photos. These photos are then Google+ will also be automatically stored and shared.
2, if you use a Smartphone, then took out his cell phone out of his pocket, sliding screen, open the phone, and some even have to enter the password. Then, you must open to take pictures from the home screen, and have the phone at the object you want to shoot. Ready when you are ready to be photographed. Believe you because of cumbersome procedures to miss a lot of good times! After you have taken pictures, and taking a couple of steps before you can share a photo.
Instagram owned by Facebook application is an excellent, but compared with Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale goggles, it is somewhat outdated. In fact, Nusbaum complained about her husband to Google+ on photo-sharing, rather than sent directly to her:
When he was out, and will continue to send me pictures of children. But you want to see photos; I have to log in to Google+. Look, I've been spoiled by ' in the digital age. Or post photos directly to my phone.
But if another perspective this experience, there will be a different interpretation: if she often uses Google+, so it easy to view and share photos.
Google goggles may completely replace the handset, it has the potential to create obstacles in the normal interpersonal, and so a lot of people probably don't want to wear it at any time. It is clear that Google goggles are ideal in certain occasions. For example, if I was in the concert scene, Google might want to wear glasses, so that you can enjoy live again after the end of the concert scene. Or if I was a remote wired reporter, the editor might want to see what I see. Demonstrations, the people can take advantage of this device is evidence of police brutality.
But the real killer app for Google goggles may be photographed, at least initially. Compare with Google goggles, mobile phone becomes a labor-intensive job, and appear to be already obsolete.
If the camera really caught on in Google goggles, the default photo sharing application is necessarily Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale, rather than Facebook or Instagram

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