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19.04.2014 04:43
Spring children's glasses antworten

Now more and more people are wearing Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses for children, excluding certain congenital myopia, most of them with an eye to improper, kids watching TV, playing video games, and a heavy burden of homework, which all contribute to the major causes of myopia. Myopia and enjoy after a qualifying pair of glasses is very important, optical shops but now many are professional enough glasses pass rate was not high.
Lot of myopia in children do not understand may have myopia also did not tell them, if you find that what their children watch squinting, like squinting to see things get, there is myopia, parents should take their children to the regular hospital checks in a timely manner with glasses.
Eyeglasses are not available for doing whatever one can be a Deputy, if the specs don't fit, wears not only uncomfortable and may also accelerate the development of myopia. When children have myopia, first to the regular hospital checks done, barring any vision loss due to disease. Children enjoy mirror best is bulk Hitomi again optometry, such to accurate of detection children of vision situation, due to children age small, individual differences sexual many, plus glasses regulation sexual comparison strong, if not bulk big pupil optometry may will makes detection results not accurate, some children Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount may also will appeared is not bulk Hitomi check for myopia, and bulk Hitomi zhihou detection is for hyperopia of phenomenon. Mydriasis can also detect myopia in children is true myopia or myopia is false, if you disappear after Mydriasis description for pseudo myopia, if after Mydriasis degrees still exist as true myopia. If verification of degrees to disappear, to false myopia, we recommend attention to eye health, prevent eye fatigue, in the case of intraocular pressure is not high, before going to bed can be bit of a tropic amide compound eye lift adjusting tension.
Eyeglasses are not simple things with glasses must be accurately, astigmatic axis, horizontal axis, pupillary distance accurately, will adjust the number of glasses to let kids wear for 15 minutes to see if they had headaches, dizziness or other abnormal feeling and to see whether they tilt, if this is the case you should continue to adapt.
Go to regular hospitals eyeglasses can also detect the presence of child with amblyopia, amblyopia is an eye there is no organic disease the monocular or binocular vision glasses correct still amounted to less than 0. 9 per cent of the children. Amblyopia is not only poor vision, and no stereo vision capability. Best treatment for preschool, at the age of 8 in the treatment of Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale with best results, to 12 years of treatment effect is very poor. So when the positive treatment of amblyopia is detected.

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