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Anastasia's Consignment Shop Local News Valdosta Daily Times antworten

Anastasia's Consignment Shop Local News Valdosta Daily Times

Trendy shoppers are always keeping an eye out for unique and high fashion pieces. In Valdosta, while there are many boutiques offering beautiful and unique fashions, there is not a large selection of high fashion stores, and the few that do offer high fashion items have the high price tag to go with it. Anastasia Consignment Shop is breaking that mold.Anastasia is the perfect place to find high end fashions that won break the bank. Offering brands such as American Eagle, Gucci, MissMe, Tory Burch, Ray Bans, Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton, Anastasia in unlike any consignment shop in the area."We offer a lot of high end brands in our store and everything is authentic, but it is all reasonably priced. We have items that will fit any budget," said owner Holly Hillman.With items ranging from as low as $3 to Cheap Michael Kors bags upwards of $100, there Cheap Michael Kors Outlet are truly items to fit every budget. Anastasia prides themselves in being able to offer high fashion at reasonable prices.One way that they do this is through their fashion wall. The fashion wall shows a magazine page with a high fashion outfit, then the team at Anastasia finds pieces in their store to recreate that outfit for a much better price."This helps our customers see how to wear pieces. So many times, customers will be like love this piece, but how do I wear it? The fashion wall shows them how they can wear it," said Hillman.Hillman and her husband Kalem have owned Anastasia since 2007. Her love of the shop began long before she became the owner. Hillman worked at Anastasia when she was in high school, so she has been a part of the family at Anastasia for 10 years."I love doing this so much. I couldn picture doing anything else. I knew this was what I wanted to do, so when I had the chance to take over the store, I was so happy to be able to," Hillman explained. Anastasia gets over 200 new or used items each day. They have stock brought in from over 20 boutiques, both locally and out of state. They do closet cleanings, where the team will go to a house, edit their closet and gather items they no longer wear. People can also bring in their high end items and sell them to Anastasia for cash or store credit.Every item at discount Michael Kors sale Anastasia is hand picked and they make extra effort to keep up with trends."It so much fun. It like Christmas every day here. So many people that come to the shop are shocked because they didn know that we had so much selection. You can see it all in one day. Our stock is constantly changing," said Hillman.One of the best things about Anastasia is their huge selection. Offering everything from shoes to purses and dresses to jeans, there is something for everyone. Their selection has options from middle school age students up to the older generations. They have both mens and women clothing as well. Similar to a locally owned TJMaxx, Anastasia offers high quality clothes for reasonable prices."I think it important for people to shop local. There are so many small businesses in Valdosta. We try to offer things to fit everyone needs," said Hillman. She continued, "I think you could say our shop offers consignment with refinement.".
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