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17.04.2014 05:32
Contact lenses daily care antworten

Routine care should be aware of the following issues
1, pick to carefully wash your hands before you wear Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount lenses, regular nails;
Type 2, not wearing ordinary day wearing contact lenses to bed for the night;
3 strictly in accordance with the provisions of regular replacement of contact lenses wear cycle, not wearing expired lenses;
4 strictly in accordance with the procedure provided for nursing, immersion lens, immersion time shall be not less than 4 hours;
5, do not use running water, saliva, household cleaning supplies, soaps or shampoos to clean lenses;
6 is not available used care solution again handling lenses;
7, please keep the CAP closed when not using the solution, do not put bottle in contact with any article, to avoid contamination;
8, care solution suitable for heating use, do not care solution to mix with other brand;
9, if the care allergy, do not use any liquid constituents;
10 non-special eye drops for contact lenses, not to drip water;
11, if you are suffering from trachoma, eye and other eye diseases, please consult checking recovered at the original mirrors who wear contact lenses;
12, cleaning the Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale mirror box once a week, once every three months, replacing the mirror box to avoid bacteria;
13, if there is a red eye, eye pain, photophobia tears, increased secretions, blurred vision and other circumstances, to stop immediately for medical treatment;
14, after washing hands with antiseptic washing agent ingredients to use, you should rinse with large flows of water to avoid irritation to the eyes, or with a mild irritation of care rinse lens fingers;
15, to refrain from working with the outdated solution, run-out protein-removing care solution bottle after 120 days if not used up, please stop using; the lens when not wearing long, remains in tightening the lid with a fresh run Ming in the mirror box protein-removing care solution for 30 days. Before you use it again using run-out protein-removing care solution washed before being worn;
16, by far the most scientific method of cleaning is clean lens with clean hands. Available in the market to clean lenses that are often invisible to the naked eye damage, damaged lens surface not smooth, prone to wearing ill and a corneal abrasion. So the wearer is not recommended to use cleaner.
17, wearing contact lenses, to stay away from irritating substances, vapours, smoke, including cosmetics, hair spray and other chemical products, direct or indirect contact with contaminated lenses cause eye irritation. Especially spicy food, once for stimulation of eye contact is very strong. Wearing eyeglasses make sure to thoroughly wash your hands before, once exposure to irritants must remove eyeglasses repeated thorough cleaning of contact lenses. If you still have feelings to professional optical shop for eye examination;
18, the right cosmetic procedures: wear lenses and then makeup, remove the lens first and then makeup. If lens accidentally cosmetics, remove the liquid cleaning lenses and care;
19, pick mirrors to avoid too much force to prevent adhesion of lens. If sticking occurs, do not force tears. Lenses should be placed palms, drip a few drops of solution, and gently rub until it separated from adhesions. In addition, if picked before the mirror contact lens drops of lubricating fluid, lenses are easier to pick up without adhesion;
20, when you store contact lenses, lens fully immersed in solution. Once dehydration can cause lens edges (edge damage), so wear may cause eye irritation. If you find that edge of the lens when it is not round, immediately immerse the Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale lenses in the solution until the lens back together again check for broken lenses, if no damage can continue to wear. Should they run into problems please go to the opticians Office for review.

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