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16.04.2014 08:03
Colored lens protection in different antworten

When selecting sunglasses, we consider Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses styles at the same time, more focused on sunglasses radiation function. Sunglasses how radiant it, experts tell us, related to lens color, UV-resistant color is not black, but a yellow! You see with us the different functions of the lens.
1. yellow lenses, filters UV-God 100% for clearing out
Yellow lens sunglasses 100% filter ultraviolet light, allows infra-red and visible light penetrate the lens 83%. Best feature of it is that can filter most of the Blu-ray of sun glare. After the sunlight through the atmosphere, most performance for Blu-ray, which is why you see the sky, is blue. After the yellow lenses filter blue light, natural scenery can be seen more clearly. Wearing yellow lens sunglasses while driving, you can more clearly see the traffic.
2. Green lenses, filter 99% UV-a pleasant sedation
Funky Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount green lenses and grey lenses, you can filter the infrared light, but also the UV filter 99%. Color green lenses will change some scenes; however, blocking the light effect is slightly worse than grey lenses. Fortunately, green is a natural tranquilizer, can make people around you feel relaxed. If you want to make a "Goodwill Ambassador", might as well wear green lens sunglasses, to complicated noise around quietly because of you.
3. Grey lens, filter the UV-98%-shade color
Grey lens sunglasses to you light in sunlight almost equals the amount of filtration, 98%, and can filter out infrared and ultraviolet rays. Wear sunglasses grey lens, features original color will not change for lenses, maximum shielding glare. In the heat of Malaysia, gray lenses are local experts hailed as "the most comfortable sunglasses". Summer outdoor activities, wear sunglasses grey lens, not only the wind, Sun, but also the beauty of the color will be visible.
4. Pink lens, filter the UV-95%-powerful self-confidence agent
Pink lenses sunglasses can filter 95% UV and shorter wavelengths of visible light. In fact, pink lenses and is generally colored lenses; there is no better protection than standard lenses. But the psychological study found that after 65% woman wearing pink lens sunglasses, confident degrees higher than usual, representing. Pink Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses were purely your psychological placebo, feeling blue or ultraviolet radiation very strong rainy days.

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