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13.04.2014 04:45
The glasses will know the basics antworten

Although many style of frames dazzling, but nothing more than a careful analysis of three basic types: square, round, oval. Generally oval face are suitable for all types of people; while square or round face the best choice for pear-shaped Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale frame ( prominent vertical line ); triangular face is usually round or oval frames wear.

Frame by different combinations of materials and processing system can be divided into:

A plastic frame: it is characterized by a light, easy processing, room temperature deformation, prices are generally lower.

2 metal frames: which is characterized by strong, light and beautiful, is currently the most commonly used frame.

3 hybrid frame (plate): namely, a blend of metal and plastic, with a metal frame that is rugged, and easily processed into various shapes.

4 drawing frame: a bottomless box, embedded at the bottom of the Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount lens with a nylon cord.

5 No Frame: no frame, only the nose and the mirror angle coupled with higher.

Currently used by the lens material is divided into:

1 glass lenses: the refractive index of stability, good wear resistance, stable optical performance, but relatively heavy, and easy to break.

2 resin lenses (cr-39): Lightweight, safe, high transmittance, easy to break, but easy to scratch the surface wear.

3.pc lens: high refractive index, strong, but easy to wear.

Lenses should be selected according to individual needs.

Due to the hardness of the resin film is small, easy to wear, such as improper use of the Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount lens becomes a paste, should be used with particular caution, avoid hard objects ( including general flannel ) scrub, should be placed facing the mirror, after washing with detergent, rinse with water and finally dry with a paper towel drops.

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