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11.04.2014 05:35
Crystal glasses correctly matching antworten

Astigmatism is not only bad eyesight, and is often accompanied by symptoms such as swelling and eye fatigue, headaches, eye. Particularly in mixed astigmatism, is causing headaches for one main reason. So people who have astigmatism, should be wearing Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses in a timely manner.
Apart from the high degree of astigmatism may be slightly reduced, where appropriate, the degree, usually astigmatism in degrees is best not to change, that is, without reducing the degree in order to achieve the best corrected Visual acuity and eliminate eye strain symptoms caused by astigmatism. Then when to determine the astigmatic axis and not easy to change itself, Results if the two optometry astigmatism axial is inconsistent optometry should be considered inaccurate, or scale enough to audition, to best corrected Visual acuity and refraction results as standard. Has height astigmatism or has oblique axis and anti-axis to of people, like a only eye of astigmatism axis in 180 degrees, another a only eye of astigmatism axis is in 90 degrees, in this special situation Xia enjoy out mirror to has may caused depending on property deformation, is oblique shaped, and tilt or appeared SAG, and convex bursting, or see property side wide side narrow, again has is see ground has inequality of feels,. When these abnormal conditions occur, you should again check the astigmatism in degrees and axial.
If after checking the degree and astigmatic axial while they are correct, you will need to reduce the astigmatism in degrees. After checking again, although some mild dizziness, deformation, but after Dai Jing General adaptation period, most can get back to normal. As a special case, it clear prior to dispensing prescriptions and patients so that patients were prepared.
Crystal cold, then the Crystal Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses improves eyesight naturally also resting, although expensive, still a lot of buying a pair of Crystal glasses eye protection for the elderly "magic weapons", his eyes very comfortable indeed. Some elderly people even use it to aid in the treatment of certain eye diseases.
Crystal, whose main ingredient is silicon dioxide, Crystal glasses and eye repose useful, this is the ancient way of saying, there is no scientific basis. In fact, it can neither raise nor block the harmful rays. With Crystal glasses cool feeling is due to its low rate of infrared, ultraviolet, temperatures are relatively low because of the lens, not has a protective effect on the eye.
World Health Organization noted that blindness due to cataract patients worldwide, 20% and UV-radiation. Eye cannot see and perceive ultraviolet light, and even less powerful ultraviolet light on the eyes have accumulated damage. And Crystal glasses with UV protection, UV spectrophotometer PERKIN-ELMER LAMBDA17 detected the Crystal lenses on the market, absorption of UV light by Crystal lens is almost zero. Crystal is a crystalline substance, its structure is not uniform, through which the light refraction, thus wearing the glasses to see clarity is poor. Some crystals contain radioactive elements, and also will produce different degrees of damage to the eyes. With Crystal glasses to protect eyes, is probably an illusion.
And therefore, is inappropriate for those who work in outdoor activities and matching Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses.

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