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07.04.2014 04:48
The elderly how to wear glasses antworten

Presbyopia is entered during the aging of the eye of biological change, where 45 per cent of the population, in line with the overall recession, the elasticity of the lens gradually weakened, and eye adjustment function as decreases to disappear. As long as the refractive abnormalities look outside 5M objectives without difficulty, just reading books and homework, are goals where you can see clearly that the older the more it far, some people until farther cannot be seen to be wearing old Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses (a convex spherical mirror) to compensate for the lack of regulation.
People accustomed to reading distance of 25~33cm. When reading and homework, only in the full adjustment of the two-thirds, l/3 retained as reserves situation, comfort. Eye squarely at the age of 45, with only 4. 00D adjustment, reading at 25cm. and near jobs, all regulation will be needed to see close objects, regulating all used up, read a few lines, or short-time jobs can also, if lasting visual fatigue symptom occurs. Hyperopia closer distance would have been far more squarely eyes, adjust the recession and early presbyopia. Near-sighted closer distances than face near the eye, 13. 50D more than a lifetime to avoid wearing the old sight glass, 13. 50D, as long as the degree of presbyopia myopia in no more than, there will not be any old phenomena.
Presbyopia symptoms appear sooner or later; their nature of work, habits and physical fitness has a certain relationship. Workers and people who used to work at close range appeared early, music and art workers appeared later, infirmity, neurasthenia, vegetative nerve functional disturbance occurs earlier, able-bodied persons appear later. Presbyopia correction, should be integrated into each of the case may be. General reading and near-jobs at 33cm, depending on the distance, face the old sight Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glass and the eye is the relationship between age: 40 years old as +0. 50D,45 years of +1. 00D,50 years of +2. 00D,55 years of +2. 50D,60 years of +3. 00D,65 years of +3. 25D,70 years of +3. 50D。
Such as refractive errors, then after it’s refractive, reference to the relationship between age and face up to eye level of presbyopia correction. When deciding on the old prescription glasses, first to check the patient's refractive status, determination of refractive correction glasses single, then combined with his physique, nature and habits may be. In written work, sculpture, clocks, decoration, typing and get used to playing nearly and the infirm, and can give a little more. For music, art, woodworking, and stronger habits or physical place far away, you give a little less.
Some elderly years has been rely on wearing old depending on glasses to reading and near job, and each across 3-5 years to put degrees adjustable high, 60 age found wearing has not adapted, needs will books put near, even disassembly glasses to see, this phenomenon of appeared should carefully check has no old afternoon I health cataract or diabetes sexual myopia, as can excluded, that is due to lens nuclear hardening dehydration flexor light index increased, makes flexor light rate enhanced of sake, medical Shang called nuclear sexual myopia or flexor sexual myopia, should for optometry check, At the audition on the basis of the results of presbyopia and the adjustment of age of opticians in degrees.
General principles are: face eye from 40 to 65 year’s old, presbyopia at +1. 00D on the base of the counter increases by age. Hyperopia eye first correction hyperopia, again by age increment old depending on degrees; myopia first correction hyperopia or myopia, again by age descending old depending on degrees; astigmatism eye first correction myopia, again by (age) astigmatism of nature and age increment or inverse reduction old depending on degrees, which hyperopia astigmatism of degrees and axis to not changed; myopia astigmatism and mixed astigmatism, needed by ball Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount mirror and column mirror joint of formula be conversion.

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