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05.04.2014 04:57
Light colored sunglasses are good for health antworten

Wearing sunglasses outdoors in the summer is also a kind of protection for the eyes. But eye care experts stressed that, be sure to wear Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses that failed. Must a qualifying pair of sunglasses can block UV rays through, different colors of traffic signals with good resolution and regular sunglasses belonging to flat mirrors, diopter strictly to 0.008 degrees below.
An expert eye said, on an outpatient basis, and she often wears sunglasses, tears, light affect patients. They choose sunglasses that are mostly the ones delight, with pale hues of the medical claims contrary. In fact, the color of brown eyes, pale green, and so is useful.
Wearing color had deep of glasses will makes eyes is darkroom environment, people of eyes in dark of environment Xia pupil will automatically expanded, pupil long-term expanded easy raised glaucoma, illness; inferior Sun mirror also will caused more UV through into eyes, easy caused daylight sexual keratitis, and corneal endothelial injury, and eye macular discoloration, disease; color more deep of glasses makes eyes on color of tell capacity reduced, easy appeared color confusion, caused traffic accident.
Should try to wear sunglasses outdoors in summer, but not all cases are suitable. In the absence of the sun shade, you can take the sunglasses off, let your eyes rest under natural light.
How to shop for sunglasses
When buying sunglasses, lenses, must pay attention to product hang tags, colors and UV index. Each formal qualified product through quality testing proved that at the time of purchase should allow businesses to produce the relevant proof. Sunglasses, tag on a product's "identity", indicating the origin of the Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses, also hides a lot of useful information, such as what are the glasses you buy sunglasses light mirror, is a Plexiglas or other material...... This should not be ignored.
For UV protection, would do well to purchase a light gray, light green, blue grey these real shading effects lens sunglasses, as these relatively soft colors, nature does not change color. Sunglasses, UV index is an important standard in filtering out ultraviolet effects. Currently the vast majority of sunglasses the UV index is between 96-98%, dark lenses better than light lenses.
How to wear sunglasses
1. Ordinary if it weren't like mountaineers or people with special needs, preferably not long wearing sunglasses.
2. most people now wear sunglasses, in addition to the protection function, will also be considered for decorative purposes, but we also cannot forget to glide over beautiful healthy.
3. Many people not picking sunglasses from outdoor to indoor, it's a bad habit, interior light intensity; there is no need to wear sunglasses.
4. Sunglasses worn for extended periods, if eye fatigue or continuous wearing in 30 minutes, taken the best eye for a change.
5. Among the over 40 years of age and a crowd of glaucoma are not suitable for wearing Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses.

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