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04.04.2014 04:58
Drivers cannot be long wearing sunglasses antworten

June has entered the season of summer, and many friends have been wearing Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses to block strong sunlight on eye irritation. Wear sunglasses, which not only protects the eye, and looks cool, both worlds. But experts point out that improper driver if you choose sunglasses, long wearing sunglasses that color is too deep, large and heavy, there is a traffic safety risk.
Wearing sunglasses made errors of judgment
Sunglasses’ main function is to keep out the Sun a powerful UV damage to the eyes, and thus play a role in eye protection. UV damage to the eyes, mainly on the cornea, lens and retina, too much UV radiation can cause conjunctiva hyperemia and edema, chronic conjunctivitis, also would result in the occurrence of cataracts. Then, people choose sunglasses to protect their eyes. Some people believe that sunglasses color is darker, and block UV rays as well. As everyone knows, tiny sunglasses, silent, it will be a disaster for the driver.
If the driver is wearing sunglasses, moments into the tunnel from the strong light place, will have a visually "dark" dark for the time being, prone to accidents. Now research indicates that, Sun mirror of dark color can delay eyes put images rushed to brain of time, this Visual delay and caused speed feels distortion, makes wearing Sun mirror of driver made errors of judgment, especially Dang car, and motorcycle to 80 km of speed forward Shi, had deep of Sun mirror will put driver on situation of reaction time extended 100 MS, results increased has 2.2 m of brakes distance. Therefore, experts have said, serious accidents may occur in this case. Some experts pointed out that colors have filtered; drivers better not discolored Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses, so as to avoid obstacles or pedestrians of the same color as the lens "filter", so as to be a hazard.
Do not select the Parallax and aberration of lenses
Traffic accidents caused by wearing sunglasses, and then the road will be banned? The road traffic safety Act does not make it clear whether the driver was wearing sunglasses. But if the sunglasses frame box width, heavy, will bring a lot of discomfort, sometimes acid, on the eyelid and cheek swelling, numbness, feeling sometimes noses, and seems to have a cold feeling. These negative symptoms are caused by wearing sunglasses that large and heavy, so choosing sunglasses should pay attention.
Projection light quality sunglasses can be weakened, causing no chromatic aberration and Parallax, remain neutral, while maintaining vision clear, and can feel eyes and cool in the heat. "Parallax" means when put on glasses to read the road object is distorted or deformed, as well as the road conditions made the wrong judgment. "Chromatic aberration" refers to the color reflects the weakening or failure, severe, will not tell traffic lights causing traffic accidents. When buying sunglasses, choose sunglasses that have certain security properties, such as choose unbreakable Plexiglas to prevent glasses debris to scratch his eyes and face when the accident occurred. In addition, the spectacle of size, surface treatment, refractive lenses and curved arc, and so care must be taken when selecting sunglasses. All in all, driver not freeloaders, casually in the stall to buy Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses, instead of regular glasses store to buy.

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