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03.04.2014 04:43
Mess with sunglasses eye injury antworten

In the heat of the Sun, many people like to wear a pair of Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses, which prevents severe sun damage to the eyes, and can be used as a decoration, bring out your own temperament, served. But the concern is, improper selection and wearing sunglasses, can damage your eyes, strain your eyes.
Have you ever heard of "solar mirror syndrome"? It does exist, and often appear in some fashion-conscious young people.
Sunglasses 1-2 weeks in a row, between eyes or cheeks skin symptoms such as numbness, sensory retardation can occur, have nasal discomfort in breathing, just as if you had a cold, and some people will think there is a bug crawling on face, eyes and acid expansion. This is because they frequently wear big frames, thick, heavy weight ' glasses '.
In addition, some people like to wear sunglasses, regardless of time or place, outdoors or indoors, even at dusk, watching movies, watching television are wearing it, it would increase the burden of the eye, causing a muscle tension, depending on the blur, severe symptoms including dizziness, not long as are to be found. These symptoms are caused by abuse of sunglasses.
Pick a healthy set of sunglasses
Decided to choose an angle
outside activities, different situations should choose a variety of sunglasses. For example some sporty sunglasses, their frames are specially designed, depending on the need to protect your eyes, firmly comfortable wear, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing, golf, tennis and adaptable sunglasses. For a guy who loves Golf and tennis, and amber lenses can effectively increase the contrast and absorb blue light, contribute to the visual comfort in the movement.
Best worn while swimming outdoors after UV treatment swimming Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale goggles, Pilots, fishing enthusiasts the best selection of polarizing sunglasses, polarized lenses eliminate glare from all sides, make objects appear clearer.
Sunglasses beautiful points
In General, different people according to different preferences and different uses to choose sunglasses, but the most fundamental is to protect the wearer's eyes from the damage based on the basic principles of. Reduction of glare stimulus, to see clearly without deformation, UV protection, recognition of color distortion, accurate to identify traffic signals, should be the basic function of sunglasses.
In addition, shop for sunglasses that have to think about it with my own eyes the size, face, eyebrows, nose match. Choose large frames for eye glasses, eyes smaller you should choose smaller frames; suitable for round face wearing a bulky frame, elongated face fit round frames, flat round face slightly up or down to choose a narrow square frame.
Who should not wear sunglasses
as a highly decorative items that everyone liked to wear Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses, but not everyone is cut out for it. After wearing sunglasses into reduction of visible light in the eye, the pupil will naturally turn up, a long, easy to induce acute attack of angle-closure glaucoma, sharp decline in symptoms like redness, eye pain, vision and other symptoms. Therefore, or suspected to have glaucoma and glaucoma patients who should not be wearing sunglasses.
In addition, children under 6 years old are also unsuitable for long time wear sunglasses. Because their Visual function development does not reach adult levels, long wearing Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet sunglasses can cause amblyopia.

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