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02.04.2014 07:50
Poor quality of the sunglasses market antworten

Sunshine in the summer, Sunglass market is gradually raising, except for a few specialty glasses shops, street-side shops selling Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses. Public most are selected in choose sunglasses for your face shape or fashion sunglasses, but other aspects of the sunglasses is not concerned.
Recently, seen in the optical shop sunglasses priced at 15-60 per month, some eyeglass lenses are made of plastic. 110, at another shop, shop owner, called out prices, see the reporter hesitated; she gives a minimum price of 40 Yuan. She said that sunglasses are sold now. People Mr. Wang told reporters, "a pair of sunglasses on anyway, dozens of dollars, and the price is cheap, buy a pair to lay Sun. ”
During the interview, found some shops selling sunglasses are mostly no label, only the individual product UV-400 sticker on the mirror. Well-worn on the line, who care so much about, in addition to store bulk stock, in order to make products beauty tag removed? An eyeglass store owner replied.
If a customer bought sunglasses that failed, what will solve it in the store? Asked several businessmen to sell sunglasses, the answers they give are pretty much sold within 15 days, if there are quality problems, or style or not, can be returned. But they were quality problems within the meaning of Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet sunglasses appearance issues such as cracks, deformation, and does not include technical problems inherent in the sunglasses.
According to a provincial capital for many years run glasses shop in charge, ― a pair of sunglasses that the standards are in line with State regulations, have very good UV protection effect, at least between 250-300, ― joint-venture factory of designer sunglasses at 1000 Yuan or so. Sunglasses should have a label in the formal production, qualified, labeled "UV-400", and indicates the brand, size, name and address, and so on. Eligibility of the consumer to discern sunglasses, according to sticker on the phone, or whether their production license exists, therefore, for sunglasses that "seasonal" goods, the public should have access to formal glasses shop.
Summer eye sunglasses are commonly used, recently, the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision both to spot sunglasses quality, rate of 88 per cent. 6%.
According to, this total checks lenses of optical performance (top Coke degrees), and glasses appearance quality, and mirror rack coating combines force, 9 items parameter, test results displayed, glasses products of appearance, and optical performance, and Assembly quality, and plastic requires, parameter are meet standard requires, some products exists average transmission than mission than, and traffic signals transmission than not standard of situation.
Average transmittance index failed, the lens cannot effectively absorb UV light, wear will have some damage on the cornea and retina; light transmittance is not eligible, the light cannot be well through the Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount lens, will create Visual objects blurry, color gray, Visual fatigue. Traffic signal transmittance is not up to standard, and traffic signals (red signals, the green signal, yellow signals) absorb too strong, can cause color illusion, unresponsive and may even cause traffic accidents.

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