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31.03.2014 04:48
Selling cheap sunglasses antworten

And it is a variety of styles of Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount season, shopping malls, stores, wholesale markets, sales of sunglasses spreads over thousands of dollars, the quality varies. Development zone, Xu pay a premium to get a pair of brands of lenses, only to discover in a few days, branded lenses were informed of the substandard products.
In recent days, Mr. Tsui development zone a glasses shop glasses, fitted with a pair of pink glasses. However, he later search on the Web and found that this lens was released by substandard products and merchants refused to grant a replacement or return. Mediation by development zone Association, merchants expressed no knowledge about what this lens is not eligible, to the manufacturers for details, but agreed to return to Mr Tsui.
Wholesale cheap sunglasses best seller
In times square, three points and sunglasses such as night market stalls, market is flooded with low-quality and low-priced sunglasses. Sunglass style is rich, colorful, and the price is very cheap, and many young people buy. Some new sunglasses prices at 10 Yuan to 30, buy two or three more can save 3-5 million.
Some sunglasses lenses there are air bubbles and impurities, sometimes with colored plastic. In this regard optical shop manager TSE, degrees, there are strict requirements of States for sunglasses and cannot exceed 9 degrees. Inferior sunglasses unable to resist ultraviolet rays, after wearing, foggy atmosphere people look like holes because the lens cannot filter UV and enlarge increase UV damage to the eyes. Mr Xie told reporters: "a pair of Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses because brands, materials, styles, colors and prices fell far short. To a larger glasses spectacle Shoppe to purchase in stores or shopping malls, and general product quality inspection, sanitary inspection, get a better guarantee. ”
Polarized Sunglasses for eyes even better
Best to select points by green grey and laser lens
No professional identification of common sense of ordinary people, how simple and effective identification of lens quality? How to avoid buying into bad businesses selling defective glasses? In this regard, Mr Xie said, if you want to buy cheap sunglasses, or should choose the Volkswagen brand, it is best to select points by green grey and laser lens. When you buy sunglasses at the optical shop, may apply to the sales personnel will consult some Polarized Sunglasses, sunglasses as if in a two-layer lenses of this kind between the shutters, which can effectively block UV rays. If you do not have any test equipment, consumers can use the following simple detection of lens quality.
Hand lenses from the eyes of 30 centimeters, observation distance from the lens. No jump when moving slowly, indicating transparency and uniformity of optical lenses is better.
You can also draw a Grand Cross on a piece of paper with a thin line, hand lenses, with an observation of cross stroke of the eye lens shapes. Mobile lens, four-strokes inside the lens and the mirror cross strokes in a line outside. Observed in lenses with a pen cross at the center point of a smaller, this is the optical Center. After the two lenses the optical Centre, observation and comparison of optical center of symmetry on each side, four-stroke bent lens indicates that the Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale lens has a quality problem.

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