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28.03.2014 03:57
Influence elements of optical quality antworten

1) flare
Surface or smooth surfaces reflect light better than depending on the needs of light 10 to 12 times. When driving or taking part in sports activities and glare cause eye pain, while a distraction, causing a danger. To determine whether your Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses block glare, consider wearing sunglasses stand in front of the mirror. If you can see their eyes, indicating sunglasses depth is not sufficient to protect against glare.
2) visible light
In fine weather, to make the eyes, you should choose sunglasses that block the 75%-90% visible light. Able to absorb at least 75% visible light sunglasses can protect your eyes from blue light (within the scope of visible light) of damage. It was hard to watch Blu-ray, usually squinting. Blu-ray makes color distortion.
3) Visual effects
Sunglasses for your clear, comfortable vision should not be clamped in the head. But if sunglasses are loose, will affect the visual comfort. Mask or cover margin sunglasses can block the normal picture frame sides, top, and bottom of UV light, but they may also increase the optical distortion. To test visual effects, consider wearing sunglasses, and look at the vertical edges or straight lines (such as a door frame or floor tiles). Moving the head back and forth, making the eyes sweep on the lens. If you find that straight lines appear bent, then lens flaws, Visual distortion.
4) Stain
Lens dyeing should be uniform rather than blocks of color, dark and small. If you use a gradient lenses, color from top to the bottom of the lens should be gradually becomes shallow and uniform color. If you would like to buy the sunglasses while driving, check the label to ensure that they meet the requirements of traffic signal recognition. Some sunglasses hide luminosity of color distortion will make road signs, in particular has a special Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses block the ultraviolet light. Can't wear the sunglasses while driving.
5) Polarized
Through a special laminating process, increase the polarizing filters for glasses. Hard resin and high refractive index plastic lenses have been polarized in the casting process. Polycarbonate lenses are still in a liquid state, to join the polarizing film. Conventional sunglasses reduce visible light, but very week's ability to withstand the glare. Since its introduction in 1936, polarized lenses only allow light through in one direction (vertical plane) and attracts all the other direction of dispersion of light, in this way, it can reduce glare. Had no relation to polarize and UV protected, but most polarized lenses block UV rays, chemicals. Because of the polarized lenses reduce glare so many golfing, fishing, and outdoor enthusiasts to it for ten minutes. Recommended drivers and people who work in front of the computer screen?
6) Lens coating
Lens coating to reflect high density light, glare reduction, thus reducing the number of visible light reaches the eye, Lens coating, vacuum chamber to add a thin layer of gas metal eyeglass lenses. Coating colors including: silver, blue, reddish-brown or orange-colored, most beautiful color just to make the glasses fashion, and does not have the function of eye protection. Metal coated with chrome, but its resistance to wear than those of high-performance titanium or quartz dielectric coating, Lens coating generally evenly increase color depth across the sunglasses.
7) Color lenses
If you do not want to frequent corrective eyewear and sunglasses, wear color Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses is a middle way. Under the light, these photosensitive lenses will be intense colors automatically in 30 seconds. Once you go outside, the color lightens automatically in 5 minutes.

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