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26.03.2014 03:39
The difference between non-spherical lenses antworten

What is a spherical lens
As its name implies, aspherical lens curvature of the surface is different from ordinary spherical Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount lens, lenses in pursuit of thin surfaces that need to change lenses, and previously has a spherical design, aberration and distortion increases, resulting in a clear image is not clear, vision distortions, horizons narrow and other undesirable phenomena. Now the aspheric design, fixed images, address issues of distortion of the event horizon, and so lenses are lighter, thinner and flatter, Also, still maintaining superior impact resistance, so that wearers safe use.
II advantages of aspherical lens
Traditional spherical lenses, lens peripheral distortion of objects, limited the wearer's vision. Aspheric design lenses to the edge to minimize the aberrations, a wide field of vision. Aspherical lens base corner flatter, lighter weight looks more natural and beautiful. In situations with high diopter, shown to reduce the deformation of Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses, vision high degrees of consumer, select aspheric lens may be more appropriate.
Design of aspherical lens curvature of the surface is a sphere, this design rather than the balls design lenses have the advantage of:
1, clearer: after a unique coating process of aspherical lens has a perfect visual performance, showing more clearly, pleasant visual effect.
2, easier: put on aspherical lenses almost don't feel it's there.
3 and natural non-spherical design, more natural, less visual distortion, see more realistic.
Third, the simple identification method of spherical lens with aspherical lens
Observation with the naked eye.
Of the same materials, the same number of degrees compared to spherical and aspheric, aspheric lenses flatter, thinner, more realistic, more natural and comfortable. If the watch lens coating of the lamp shape, generally spherical Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale lens reflection of the lamp than straight (except for high-refraction lens) and aspherical lenses due to the different curvature of the parts of the surface, tube shaped curvature is large.

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