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25.03.2014 03:32
How to wear frame glasses antworten

1, adolescents suffer from myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, eye exam at the hospital when Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount eyeglasses and measured the distance between the eyes and pupils. Designed to counteract the effects of regulation and pseudo myopia caused by its constituents, while medical paralysis of the ciliary muscle of the eye completely, in the case of Mydriasis optometry. Based on the Mydriatic refractometry try on lenses, in order to accurately determine the required number of glasses, Measure the distance between the eyes and pupils in order to determine the distance between the glasses on both sides of the optical center of the lens, which must be consistent, otherwise there may be a Prism effect, interfere with vision, after wearing acid appears being dizzied, depending on the variant, eye swelling, fatigue, etc.
2, select spectacle frames to fully meet the optical requirements of lens and frame inclination, and so on. Should be based on the age of the person wearing size, eye, facial, eyebrow shape, choose a suitable framework. Big eyes to select large frames, eyes smaller choose smaller frames, fat round faces suit wearing bulky frame, elongated face fit round frames, flat round face slightly up or down to choose a narrow square frame. Average child frames to select a plastic frame, with the nose and face stickers to the appropriate.
3, lens should be based on age, occupation, frequently engage in activities, preferences and other factors of wearing to choose Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale. Glass lens has high hardness, less prone to scratches, but easy to broken. Due to the nature of work or other reasons that cause lens glasses are magnets for dust, when scratched, preferably glass, Plexiglas light weight, less likely to be broken, but the softer, vulnerable to scratches. If not satisfied with the lens thickness or appearance, you can select thin lenses or non-spherical lens. If you frequently engaged in outdoor activities or travel, color-changing lenses is a good choice.
How to wear glasses
1, eyeglasses and cannot be shared with others. Because glasses degrees, two lens optical center of the lens, mirror leg length, the distance between the nose heights of the tray is very personal, so you can't take somebody else's glasses to wear.
2 take off glasses with both hands. Stick to hand off to wear glasses to avoid glasses because of uneven deformation of single hand. At the same time, should regularly check the screws are loosened and glasses of spectacles frames deformation, deformation if screws are loose or glasses should be timely glasses shop for repair.
3, lenses from the eyes of 12 mm. Glasses two mirrors between your legs and bending of the legs to fit the mirror, spectacle is not too tight or too loose. Glasses and eye distance is 12 mm, should not be too close or too far away. When wearing eyes looking to the Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale lenses ' optical Center. If you deviate, you may appear with the Prism effect depending on the acid distortions, dizziness, dizzying, eye swelling, fatigue, etc. long time or even a squint.

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