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24.03.2014 05:51
Not everyone is suitable for summer wear contact lenses antworten

For a man who likes to wear Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale contact lenses, summer often feel that way: sometimes it feels like the eyes and itching and pain, and all eyes were red. Eye specialists say, eyes "hard" feeling is due to the hot weather in the summer and caused by wearing contact lenses for a long time.
Experts say that improper contact lens choice, causing acute inflammation of the eye is very common, especially in hot weather, and contact lenses are usually not breathable, worn for a long time may cause eye diseases. So, not everyone can wear contact lenses in the summer.
In summer, hot weather, strong sunlight and ultraviolet light strongly, does great harm to the eyes, easily lead to wear contact lenses, eye fatigue, dry, or even cause recurrence of inflammation such as trachoma, eye irritation symptoms worse.
Summer micro-organisms breed quickly, to select effective disinfection of contact lens care solution, clean contact lenses Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount eyeglasses, in strict accordance with solution manual cleaning procedures as required by the method, time, and care. If there is a more serious situations such as fungal infections of the cornea, needs coupled with antifungal topical eye drops for treatment due to fungal infections, prolonged, recurrent, treatment is difficult, requires long-term adherence, the eye health to heal.
In addition, it is recommended that contact lens users to try to shorten the duration of contact lenses wear contact lenses during the attention to eye health, proper care lens. Summer beauty, who wears contact lenses, be sure to pamper your eyes, when there is redness, stinging eyes, tears and other symptoms should seek medical advice.
Small detail:
Glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, infectious diseases of the eye, the people who wear contact lenses, some people with eye diseases such as trachoma, conjunctivitis, keratitis, wearing contact lenses tend to aggravate symptoms. So before choosing to wear contact lenses, first to a hospital for an eye examination to determine you can select suitable for wearing Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount contact lenses.

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