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22.03.2014 04:15
Winter Sports Sunglasses antworten

People seem to think Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses are suitable for summer wear, sunglasses as if not used in the winter, so sales of glasses in the winter and the summer varies greatly. But glasses in winter than in summer stock in Europe and America because of different weather wearing different glasses, we do not know notice outside the movie snow day basically people wearing sunglasses and relatively more likely to know how to protect your eyes. Yes, in fact, ultraviolet as strongly in the winter, combined with low winter temperatures, wind, snow, sunlight, harsh environments than in summer, walking even to wear the right kind of sunglasses.
Winter sunglasses should have the following features:
First, preventing cold air on eye irritation
Second, effectively blocking UV glare and reflection on eye irritation caused by Snow-blindness.
Third, protect the eyes and face doesn’t hurt my external impact.
IV, no noticeable Visual errors, a number of special lenses can improve the contrast of the scene, add Visual ability to distinguish
According to the above requirements, here's a winner to wear sunglasses for your reference, first to choose according to the different needs of different occasions:
Daily wear: because of the low temperatures in winter. Best choice for plastic boxes or metal pads of glasses, when selected, marquee and large, Windbreak effect better. If you don't use plastic boxes or metal pads, worn over the face, cool swish, so a lot of the summer metal Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses wearing uncomfortable winter. Good glasses better wind effect, that shields the glasses are both casual and fashion is preferred.
The second time, riding a bicycle or motorcycle: winter winds and summer's not the same as, the wind is cold and large. So a lot of people would use that curves, around the eyes and fitting glasses living human faces to reduce wind resistance. Normal curvature, plastic glasses around the face is there, but fit is not good, if the North, wind or sandstorm, if these glasses with foam pads on, it can block the wind.
If you're a sports fanatic, followed by a protective belt. Fixed glasses are essential.
Three, snow with: to knows winter sun UV as strongly plus Sun according to in snow of reflection on eyes of injury is very big of, serious of also will produces Snow-blindness, so in snow wearing Sun glasses, must to selection that plated has color film of, good of plated film of Sun glasses should is in Sun pledge according to of when, you wearing with it looked up look Sun and does not is not comfortable. Film coating color very exaggerated, blue, Orange, green is very suitable for wearing in the snow, if you do not do any strenuous exercises, selection is polarizing coatings can improve the contrast of the scene, add visual resolution. If you want to exercise with, to use PC-plated diaphragm, You don't look at a thin membrane, it 8-12 very thin layer of mercury plating, and is water resistant, it has dial water in electroplating, can be found on the surface is very smooth, waterproof and is water drops in on-chip can quickly melt, will not stay in on-chip. You can see that kind of film than the usual smooth to the touch.
Four special snow goggles: Wearing nearsighted goggles snow goggles snow Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale goggles and helmets, Can be placed inside of myopia, suitable for professional use in mountain climbing.

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