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20.03.2014 05:22


Without question, hands down, unchallenged the original Air Jordan's are the coolest shoes I've ever owned.

We got into this discussion on Live at Daybreak the other day. you know. how cool it is when you get new shoes? Some of that excitement, of course, evaporates in adulthood. I guess that's why almost my entire top 5 is rooted in my younger years. I present them to you now.

As mentioned, the original Jordan's. I got mine in 6th grade. They were 40 bucks for the kid version at the time. My parents made me chip in twenty. It was worth it. I cheap jordan retro 4 remember waiting to wear them until the first day of school. At times I'd just open the box and stare at them. knowing soon enough they'd be on my feet.

The first runner up, the original Andre Agassi's. I was a tennis player in high school and college, so these shoes were double sweet. They were not only cool looking, but they served a purpose. I got these sophomore year in high school. I only wish I played as cool as I looked. You can't beat hot pink and black. What a fantastic combination. Visible air sole. 3/4 mid rise to protect the ankles. awesome.

In third place, another set of Agassi's. I think I got these Junior year. Pink. out. Yellow. in. Of course neon bright and glowing.

Let me tell you, though, these were sweet, sweet shoes. Can you tell I'm a Nike man? I guess I have a conflict of interest here, in that I own exactly one share of Nike stock. I'm not pushing the product for personal gain, however. It's not like I'm ever going to sell my share, and it pays like 21 cents a quarter in dividends. Anyway. Nike's for me were not only the coolest looking they were truly the most comfortable and durable.

Not to mention, from Jordan, to Agassi, to Tiger Woods, Nike has always had the hottest spokesmen and the greatest athletes. I want to be them.

How do you follow up the original Jordan's as a 6th grader? You go with the Jordan's again, but the new era blue and black. Yeah, they're ugly. They were still the coolest shoes in school. I think I got them in spring of 6th grade, so it was awesome.

Now this next pair of shoes is going to seem a little out of place, but it's perfect to round out the top five. I wouldn't normally throw dress shoes in this mix anyway, but it's the story that makes it.

They didn't look exactly like this, but they were pretty close. Number five on my all time list, the Cole Haan, imported deer skin dress shoe.

Even to this day, I have no business wearing shoes this nice or expensive. I certainly didn't have any business wearing them at age 24.

I had just begun anchoring the news in Green Bay, and with my contact came a clothing deal. We had to go to this specific men's clothier to get our couple of free suits and a few shirts and ties.

Well, I decide I needed a few extra things to go along with my suits. That's the truth. You know when you're a kid out of college, you're pretty much starting from scratch with the business wardrobe.

I needed a new belt, some socks, a few extra shirts and ties, and new shoes. I figure, well, one stop shopping. I need all these things. I'll rack it up and put it on the credit card.

This place was cheap jordan retro 5 so fancy, the clothes didn't even have price tags! I guess they figure if you're rich enough to be stepping through the door, you're not discriminating based on price of item.

So I'm kind of doing that math at typical department store prices as I'm picking out all this extra stuff. It will cost me over 100 dollars I thought, but like I said. I needed it.

I think I may have urinated on my leg a little bit when the guy rings me up and tells me he's putting $590 on my credit card! Holy Crap! I think my credit limit was $700 then! The shoes alone cost more than 300 dollars. Nice going, idiot!

Even better, I ruined the shoes within a year, because I got sent out to cover a snow storm and didn't have any boots. Done, destroyed, salt stained and cracking.

I'll tell you what though. those were some pretty comfortable dress shoes. I'm saving up for a pair of Allen Edmond's now. and I promise I won't wear them in the snow.

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