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20.03.2014 04:01
Children wearing spectacles increasingly deep antworten

Li Xiaodi attended elementary grade, poor eyesight notices issued recently getting, sight in his right eye 0.5, 0.4, the left eye, it is recommended that parents should take children to medical advice. Parents anxious to ask doctor: kids really are myopic? Cannot wear Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses?
Many parents hear the teacher reminded the children eyesight worse, the most common question is: do you wear glasses? Not wearing glasses will take down? Why glasses would become more and more deeply?
For the above problem, if you find your child has vision problems, is not necessarily a myopic, it is important to the eye doctor check to rule out pseudo myopia due to ciliary muscle strain? Detection of spectacles, will far exceed the real degree to parents rush into glasses for their children, instead of being forced to accelerate increased myopia.
With regard to how deep the myopia, have to start wearing glasses? Have myopic children need glasses timing considerations should be integrated vision, eye level and needs of the child, if the myopia is affecting daily life and school, it should show the children wear appropriate glasses. Also after bulk check, a, child optometry myopia degrees is 100 degrees, vision check table by measuring have of vision is 0.7 and the 0.8, and in class Shang of seat is in Qian two row, he on can without wearing glasses; but b child optometry myopia degrees while only 75 degrees, but vision check table by measuring have of vision is only 0.3 and the 0.4, and he in class Shang seat is row in rear, is bound to will effects he see Blackboard of Word, so recommends b child will wearing Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses has.
Many parents often opposed to the children wear glasses, as based on their experience, glasses once worn it, won't take off, as long as more than 300 degrees of myopia, regardless of distance, to need glasses. According to statistics, myopia in children, adolescents, annual average myopia increase 60~100du, myopia increasing blame glasses for most parents, in fact, is the preferred method for vision correction with glasses, but deepen the key reason, is not focused on the eye care.
However, myopic children wearing glasses for the first time, do not recommend wearing corrective glasses completely. Kobayashi optical shop manager, Tali, Taichung city said, because kids sight adjustment ability is very good, it is recommended that initial glasses of degrees should be slightly less than the actual myopia 50 degrees, so instead of exhausting. Mild myopia see far (such as class, movie) glasses, you can read and write don't have to wear it.
Worth a mention of is, due to the home lenses company constantly launched products, except "more Coke lenses" demands outside, some also stressed has block UV, and filter Blu-ray features of lenses, or touted system drive, and multilayer film plated film and the non-spherical design,, ranging, let consumers dazzled, upscale of imports lenses a Deputy will tens of thousands of Yuan, and homemade, and continental system of lenses price poor great. a well-known brand, whether it is producing the optical quality of the lens, functional demands and wear will, of course, on top of the standard. But in her view, the spectacle is not the myopia reduction, parents need not superstitious expensive equals good, if children remain lying on the sofa or in bed reading a book or playing computer or poor habit of wearing glasses, nice lens so irretrievably lost eyesight.
Students recently popularized "spectacles", due to the large-framed glasses are equipped with larger Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount lenses, although larger vision, but also pay attention to the nose with both pupillary distance, is there at the focal length, if left and right vision did not focus, have adverse effects on the eyes, with resulting vision die Hu or aggravated problems of strabismus.

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