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17.03.2014 04:19
Challenge Google 3D glasses antworten

The man shouted to the lively air, don't think he's crazy. He was to show us he is leading a team developing the smart Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses Atheer One. And Google Glass eyeballs and speech recognition are different, the smart glasses can recognize gestures in all directions, and through stereoscopic glasses see brand new Visual effects.
3D glasses are the invention of this Chinese-American "geeks". Yang Yang from China's Guangxi Province, came to the United States 13 years schooling, postdoctoral, PhD, University of California, Berkeley, University of Illinois is now rooted in Silicon Valley. In Silicon Valley, working for people overseas Chinese "code rural" grab a handful, like Yang, founder of innovative enterprises, but are rare.
As the Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale company's Chief Product Officer, Yang assumed the role of jobs and promotion at major exhibitions, this landmark product. He said that major operating systems on the market today, whether it's Microsoft, Apple, Google is also made of, their original system naturally understood three dimensional input and output, we have done the greatest innovation coming through the Android, change its input and output, so that it can naturally understand three dimensional input and output.
Immersive sensory experience, so users without going out to an immersive cinema, visiting the Museum. Even more amazing is that it can also help the police identify human faces, locked in the vast sea of offenders. Automatic license plate, for example there are many cameras on the highway, if police or security personnel put on the Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses, glasses can then be used by connecting to their database, it can enhance the immediate reaction, if some high-risk places had some unexpected things police can better deal with the crisis.

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