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16.03.2014 07:23
Mobile incompatible with glasses antworten

If you are a "glasses" when you use your cell phone to watch out!
According to a study by the United States testing has shown that metal spectacle Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount frames can obviously result in electromagnetic field enhancement, increased rate of absorption of radiation by users. This is because metal eyeglass frames are a good conductor; it will import the mobile phone radiation generated by the eye and the brain, affect vision.
In this regard, the international radio science Union electromagnetic noise and interference analysis on Gao, a Professor of the China branch of the Commission said that electromagnetic radiation can indeed spread by certain media and conductors, but the qualifying amount of electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones provided in standard, harmless to humans, but if cell phone quality is substandard and potentially harmful to the body. "Especially on the human brain and the lens of the eye.”Conduction in metal electromagnetic fields have some, if people are wearing metal-frame glasses, a cell phone that electromagnetic radiation Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet can pass through the metal spectacle frames around the eyes and transmitted to the brain, causing some injuries, such as the swollen brain, confusion might arise or symptoms such as pain around the eyes bulging.
In order to avoid this situation, if you're wearing a metal frames, best not to speak for a long time, or the left and right sides for listening. If you require frequent cell phone use, we recommend you search non-metal frame glasses.
Gao also reminds readers, cell phones in the middle of dial-up connection the radiant power of the biggest, best not to close to the ear to hear, and should get the phone away from the head slightly far place, waiting for the phone connected, close to ear again the answer, but also should not be too long, or the radiation generated by the doubles. Need to talk for a long time, can be divided into several dial-up calls. In addition, answering the phone or using Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale ear or radiant power will be concentrated in a single area, causing the parts received excessive radiation, increased damage, preferably on both sides of the ears for listening.

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