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14.03.2014 05:17
Old man winter out wear glasses antworten

Cold winter, old friend of relatively cold enough warm time whole body from head to toe, but many elderly people is invariably ignored a place: the eyes. In fact, during the cold winter months, eyes are afraid of the cold. Eyes "caught cold" and various eye diseases will come. Four Han Qing, Director of Ophthalmology Medical University recommended that older people go, it is best to wear a pair of Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses.
Wind tears windproof mirrors. Most elderly people with limited vision, going out is harder to see, plus the wind tears away, travel risk even higher. When the eyes are stimulated by the cold air, lacrimal gland secretion enhancements, At the same time, lacrimal duct cold stimulus is encountered, eye spasm of sphincter contraction, excessive tear cannot discharge, there were tears. Therefore, upwind weeping old man winter outside, especially wind big weather, should wear a windproof glasses, can effectively avoid the cold wind blowing and stimulation, reduce the occurrence of wind tears, and to prevent foreign matter from falling into the eye.
Sunny wear Sun glasses, Ultraviolet radiation in winter than in summer only about 20% weak, and angle of light in winter easier access to unprotected eyes, cause UV damage. To the consumers already suffering from senile macular degeneration, on sunny days when going out must always wear has to filter UV Sun protective glasses. Currently on the market, the vast majority of Sun protection Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses are able to effectively filter ultraviolet light. Cataract patients also go out on a sunny day to wear sunglasses to reduce ultraviolet radiation to the eyes in the winter.
Enjoy the snow sunglasses. If the North's old friend in elegant seafront promenades outdoors snow, be sure to wear sunglasses out. White snow on the UV from sunlight reflected by low intensity, and when strong ultraviolet rays into the eye, photochemical, and after 6-8 hours of incubation period, there will be severe photophobia, watery eyes, sense of foreign body, or even keep my eyes open, an intense burning and severe pain, medically referred to as Snow-blindness.
Glaucoma doesn’t wear glasses. Cold stimulation sympathetic nervous excitement, rapid pressure rise within a short time, suddenly appear in patients with headache, eye swelling, vision problems, accompanied by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, extreme-induced glaucoma. Glaucoma patients out the door do need to wear glasses? The answer is no. Sunglasses as light reduce dilated, so angle closure glaucoma patients usually should not wear Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses or tinted glasses. Avoid recurrence of acute glaucoma in winter, warmth is a first step, we therefore propose to glaucoma, old man winter go outside, must go out to make sure the head around her eyes get warm, and shortens the time outdoors.

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