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13.03.2014 06:48
Questions about sunglasses antworten

Lens color is not partial, should enable the ambient color distortion. Before not wearing sunglasses, to observe the color objects such as red, blue, green, yellow and wearing Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses, observing the same object twice observed color is not the color, otherwise it will reduce the capacity to identify the traffic lights, Color sunglasses eyeglasses for paying particular attention to this identification.
Style: more summer sunglasses model, generous, ellipse, Hexagon, angle type. At the time of selection, the size may be appropriate. Travel sunglasses are not illuminated without pupillary distance restrictions, a little older mirror can open horizons, but also to make the spectacle arm weight on the average spread over the ears and nose, In General, the tourist spectacles than ordinary glasses, slightly larger than 4-6 mm is better.
Frame color selection: select tourist spectacles, in addition to beautiful model, style and elegance, but its lens is also very particular about. Tourist spectacle lenses are basically made of dyed plastic respectively. On the same lens, deep below, pink, purple, grey, Brown, yellow and green, Chosen to harmonize with your complexion, For example, the red lens will make a face was yellowed eyes have red swollen eyes, but people with red color wearing, will make Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses look deep. People with pale skin wearing a pair of green lenses seem if wearing a pair of Brown lenses, it makes us feel warm and healthy appearance.
If you are a male who looks rough, it is recommended that you purchase a broadside, generous-tourism glasses, wear these glasses can make you seem sober and dignified. If you are a face, fine-featured, elegant young women, can be used with a rake angle of elliptic tourist spectacles, look more handsome, personable.
Myopia and enjoy Sunglasses: compared with normal vision, myopic range of choice is much smaller, but there are several ways you can select:
A, the original glasses accompanied by a pair of clip on eyeglasses, commonly known as mirrors, prices vary depending on the store, roughly between 40-75, After this set of mirrors in into the rooms of people, turned up at lens, use more convenient.
B, myopia and refraction error below 600, you can choose color myopia lenses, and then had to go with a pair of spectacles, or matched with a pair of glasses.
C, plus film processing, in the original plus a layer of film on the lenses, colored myopic glasses, plus film about 20-30. People who wear contact lenses can buy Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses as a person without glasses.

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