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How To Choice Cheap Lebron X Shoe Sale Online Your Climbing Shoes Eb antworten

Pierre Alain, a famous mountaineer and climber of the time designed the first climbing shoe in the world, the PA with the help of Emile BOURDONNEAU, master shoemaker.

From this innovation, the brand born EB, which over the years will be recognized worldwide for its high quality shoes. The best climbers in the world of the time wearing them.

The EB are selling shoes on all continents. The production facility located in the Paris region exported 90%, which is an Oscar to the mark, for its international expansion. She has a second the following year
Building the model "Super Gratton, 35 years later still, he remains in the memory of many climbers

Creating another revolutionary model for its time: The MAESTRIA. Its success comes from its versatility due to its high-cut basketball style with protection for the ankle and a thick sole of 7 mm.

Arrival of the first gum resined therefore more adherent type COCIDA (recovery of aircraft tires).

Disappearance of the brand in response to a health problem Emile BOURDONNEAU.

Jean-Claude DELUBRIAC, Contractor shall obtain the redemption of the brand and sets out on a booming market. It designs and manufactures its first models for the initiation with rounded and comfortable. He set up his factory near the south west of France near Perigueux. Weekend 1 to 2, it surveys the various climbing competitions throughout France. He eventually anchored in the minds of the resurrection of EB.

EB begins to expand internationally, particularly in the United States where she will carry up to one third of its sales.
Meanwhile the technical products to the upscale development with the help of some climbers. He understands that the high level he reaches out and only the climbers may allow him to design shoes very technical.

In France, there is a tremendous breakthrough for the escalation in schools. Colleges and high schools set up their own structure and equips climbing gradually equipment. With its range of comfortable slippers, Jean-Claude managed to position themselves in this new market. The company doubled its size in some five years after.

Meanwhile in France the practice is widespread and becomes accessible to all thanks to escalating private rooms. These provide the escalation in the cities and allow everyone to pick up new sensations <a href="">Cheap Lebron X Shoe Sale Online</a>. The number of practitioners is growing and becoming more democratic discipline.

Working with sports podiatrists, EB launches synthesis and Proto, two top models

Production in the small factory faltering and can no longer keep up with demand.

The SME, Raoul Laleta, a French company bought the shoes and EB Place Jean-Claude to management. The development of the shoe manufacturer can now continue.

Raoul Laleta invested several tens of thousands of dollars to make the shoes first introduction to rock climbing. It is a method of manufacturing rubber injection at high temperature to ensure the greatest ease and comfort.
These shoes are specially designed for beginners on SAE (artificial climbing structure) <a href="">Kobe Shoe Sale Online</a>.

TUSCAN Frederic, Vice World Champion joined the team as EB. He designed the model that Wolverine will be the first model sold in stores even before its official launch. Jean-Claude delegated to it quickly controls the communication of the brand.

The best time of the French climbers, Sthane JULIEN, Gerome POUVREAU, Lo Gaidioz Juliette Danion join the EB team.

Jean-Claude will retire in his beloved Perigord. He now devotes himself to his new passion: riding.
It transmits the torch to Frederick TUSCAN.

The range is almost entirely renewed <a href="">Nike Kobe 9 Elite Officially Unveiled</a.

Creation of the company headed by Frederick 9a Climbing TUSCAN who bought the EB brand and continues the design, manufacture and distribution of goods EB

EB, the first mark historic climbing shoes turns 60 and organized the first gathering EB Ze Roc is on the famous cliff Cima?Toulon.

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