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10.03.2014 06:49
Select sunglasses: one "color" two "mirror" three "frame" antworten

Many people know that after wearing Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale sunglasses, looks cool, considerations for wearing sunglasses but not necessarily known, would you choose sunglasses that failed. Here recommend choosing and the right way to wear sunglasses.
Primary attention Sunglass lens color lenses work followed attentively; then there is testing quality of frames and materials.
The first one: seeing colors
Health sunglasses color: grey or Tan
Sunglasses are decorative features, but its protection for the eyes is the most important, because if you are moderately UV, you stay in the Sun for a long time, easy on the eyes to cause damage.
Buying, wearing grey sunglasses or tinted lenses, both colored lenses for IR and UV-blocking rate is high and eye health protection the better.
Grey lenses can absorb most of the infrared and ultraviolet rays not only, it is not easy to create color and tinted lenses, to be able to filter out the Sun's Blu-ray in a specific frequency band, the blue light on ocular fundus damage greatly.
In addition, reminding consumers: best not to choose a shade of red and blue glasses. Blue lenses are not able to filter for Blu-ray damage to eyes, red lenses although stylish, easy color with confusing and not easy to identify changes in red and green traffic lights.
Glasses color depth will affect the absorption of visible light. According to the quality Director Liu introduced sunglasses color depth, can be divided into 15%, 35%, 50%, 70% in turn four. 15% depth of sunglasses, means lighter, intended to be used indoors and eyes are nearsighted person; 35% depth, often eye the most comfortable in the Sun; 50% depths can be used under the hot sun and seaside; 70% depth is generally only used by labor for industry professionals. Lens shade of the color affects only the visible light absorption and anti-UV ability depends only on the material of the lens.
Number two: looking at lenses
qualified sunglasses lenses should filter out the ultraviolet rays of the sun light and 96% 75%~90%.
A qualifying pair of Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses lenses with UV400 logo, which is a fundamental indicator. The so-called UV400, which can block the ultraviolet radiation of wavelengths below 400nm are qualified full UV protection lenses. In addition to advantages and disadvantages clearly defective lenses can be seen with the naked eye, Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount sunglasses lens simply cannot see with their eyes, but consumers have posted with UV400 lens identification.
See cannot be twisted; this is an indicator of whether performance has qualified optical.
Sunglasses are generally flat mirrors, no degrees. But now some inferior sunglasses on the market due to the use of materials and processes are not up to standard, resulting in a part Sun glasses produced with diopter, generally undetectable, but if long-term wear can hurt your eyes. When selects and purchases, consumers can move up and down the lens away from the body, found the level of objects in the distance are signs of beating, then prove that this pair of sunglasses is the degree of, which cannot, of course, select the mirror.
Lenses have the impact resistance. High impact resistance of the lens, you can play the role of eye protection encountered an unexpected shock.
Sunglass lenses, is made from glass, resin, etc. advantages of plastic lenses are lightweight (only is half the weight of glass), unbreakable, rich colors, and has better UV protection function; drawback is no wear-resistant, and easy to transform once deformation will affect optical performance. The main advantage of glass lenses is optically stable performance; drawback is heavy and easily broken, not resistant to shocks.

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