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How to Bait for Bear antworten

How to Bait for Bear Hunting John Salmons L Jersey

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Every year hunters across the Northern Midwest set out to achieve the ultimate goal of bagging the trophy black bears. Many deem baiting unfair, giving the hunter a considerable advantage. But contrary to what some would have us believe, it's far from easy, and holds no guarantees! It's been witnessed that bears sneak in undetected, grab a morsel of meat and disappear as fast as they arrived. I've also had bears skulk around the bait for hours, never showing themselves. From time to time you get lucky and have one move in cautiously to inspect the provisions, but this is more frequently the exception than the rule. The biggest advantage to baiting is that, if and when a bruin finally commits to the bait, it allows the hunter an opportunity to assess size and stature.

Scent can be your biggest ally or your worst enemy. Bears are attracted to the aroma of a free meal, but if they catch a whiff of your boot track, you can often kiss them good bye. Keep your clothing and footwear as scent free as possible. Approach your stand or blind from the opposite direction that the bear is anticipated to enter the site. Once established, well worn trails will reveal access points.

Be on your toes at all times while hunting your bait. You will most often see bears before you hear them. With padded feet, they move with calculated precision. Remember, when they come in to a bait station, they know the treats were left by humans.

Be alert.

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