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06.03.2014 07:31
Dilated first child with glasses antworten

With the rising incidence of adolescent myopia, school-age children are on the increase in the incidence of myopia. This portion of the children is in a growth phase, myopia due to factors such as excessive, inappropriate Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses eye continues to grow. School-age children in matching glasses, try not to only accept computer Optometry in the glasses shop, just glasses. Glasses wearing appropriate, a direct impact on children's eye health.
How school-age children are can be equipped with a suitable pair of glasses, First eye check in prestigious medical institutions, excluding after ocular diseases affect vision, medicine, optometry and glasses.
School-age children to undergo medical optometry must Mydriasis, selection and use of Mydriatic drugs for humans and depending on age. Mydriasis is designed to relax eye muscles to exclude false nearsightedness, eyes checked real refraction in a resting State. To the specialist at the hospital, school-age children should also establish refractive development files. Because these children's eyes is still in developmental stages, depending on the current status of eye, you can predict will happen in the future with myopia, refractive development profiles can be effective and timely tracking guide the child's eye and timely intervention.
Also, for enjoy Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses of schoolchildren, also to for integrated optometry, this needs depending on light Division or eye physician has deep of medical and depending on optical knowledge, and the rich of Optometry experience, and to with various professional of medical equipment for series Science of flexor light check, and by professional system mirror Division produced out for patients of glasses, thereby reached its eyes not only see have clearly, also to see have comfortable, see have lasting of effect.
Matching glasses 6 attention
For school-age children matching glasses, should note the following 6 points:
1. nose most of children is relatively low, in the developmental stages, must take lift nose or nose thanks to adjustable frames.
2. Most naughty children are restless, pick on glasses wearing, placed too much, choose resin frame would be more secure and difficult to deformation, and wear a more lasting.
3. Select metal eyeglass frames best selection box frames, try not to use half a box or lock the frame, because the two glasses frame damage easily.
4. Children's noses in the developmental stage, her nose bone fragility, lightweight glasses should be selected. In General, the glasses is more appropriate for weighing between 13~19 g.
5.The optical quality of the lens will affect the Visual quality, to select goodFake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale for sale transmittance of lenses, to avoid poor quality lenses to add to the degree of myopia.
6. Children should choose a secure, unbreakable Plexiglas, so as to avoid eye injury due to lens broken.

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