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03.03.2014 07:06
Google glasses experience antworten

Finally experience the legendary artifact Google Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses. Two hours of play, I offer some superficial visual experience, does not mean that Google’s attitude and ambitious.
It is said that the developer version of the world's only 3000, so people can get these glasses or very fast hardware, thanks to anson provide experience.
My main experiences of the camera, sharing features, those who browse the Web, send and receive e-mail; video functions do not come out, I'm a little short-sighted, and cannot see without glasses, self-taught fail.

General interface into Google eyes display time, touch the right side of the touch area will tune to remove the function menu, pictures, or video, taking pictures when he was an ok glass, take pictures automatically.
And smart phones, Google glasses while on the special fever right forehead warm feeling. When using eye will unconsciously lift up, so I doubt very much that the last old glasses with Google will not cause eye left and right lower high?
To sum up my feelings.

1, as a wearable device number one hot product, Google glasses make Google Search Company may change its image as a technology company, Google on the PC side to control the information search portal, the mobile terminal control system inlet, Google Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses may expand an inlet in the intelligent terminal area.
2, Google plus lens glasses can completely true as glasses and smart devices, gadgets and mobile phones but what alternative or complementary relations? From the ease of use and maneuverability, it is clear that mobile phones can also be done Google Glasses existing functionality. Google glasses up to be a complement of the phone, but can not become daily essential supplies.
3, Google glasses is a cool thing, but it is difficult to become public supplies. Limited by the size of the projection screen experience is not particularly good, I may be myopic or experience of time is too short.
4, a man secretly watches the video would be a good thing; such as walking to see you love Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount , nobody knows drops. But you have to pay attention to the car on the road, the attention will be dispersed.

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