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Golf Shoes: Problem Feet Require Orthopedic Attention by Sean Mennell antworten

Golf Shoes: Problem Feet Require Orthopedic Attention by Sean Mennell

Finding comfortable, foot-cradling golf shoes is a cinch these days, thanks to technological advances and intense competition among manufacturers to deliver the latest and greatest. But what about golfers with “problem feet” who are plagued by ailments like tendinitis, trauma or plantar fasciitis?
These unlucky souls must turn to orthopedic shoes, of which few are made specifically for golf, or to orthotic inserts placed inside the shoe. Both products are designed to correct improper foot positions while standing, walking or running by putting the foot in a “neutral” alignment with the leg when lifted off the ground.
Orthopedic shoes feature things like padded footbeds, extra-wide toe boxes and added arch support. Orthotic inserts can be bought over the counter based on shoe size, specially made to match a mold of your feet, or custom-built to your exact dimensions and needs based on a podiatrist's prescription.
If you're a golfer plagued by a foot condition, orthopedic shoes or orthotics are a necessity <a href="">Kobe Shoe Sale Online</a>.
Golf may seem like a low-impact activity, but the swing's twisting motion can put serious stress on muscles and connective tissues in the legs, back and abdomen. When the feet are out of balance, the golfer will often (unknowingly) overcompensate and overuse certain muscles, as well as tendons and ligaments.
Orthopedic shoes and orthotics eliminate imbalance so that weight is distributed evenly and body parts function together properly. Remedial footwear can also correct over-rotations in the rolling motions known as pronation (inward) and supination (outward), reducing the risk of injury.
Studies have proved that golfers benefit from such footwear. One survey found that wearing orthotics for a nine-hole round reduced fatigue; others have concluded that orthotics help improve shot accuracy through better balance.
One simple solution for golfers with problem feet is to transfer the orthotics from your regular shoes into your golf shoes when it's time to tee it up <a href="">Cheap Nike KD VI On Sale</a. A better idea, though, is to have a pair of orthotics made specifically for golf. The unique motion of the golf swing is best supported with tools designed precisely for that purpose.
Dozens of companies make orthotics for various activities, including golf. A quick Internet search will turn up a wide selection.
Finding orthopedic golf shoes, on the other hand, is rather difficult <a href="">Wholesale Predator LZ Boots</a. One prominent manufacturer, Bite, was purchased by Crocs and later dissolved. You can sometimes find a pair of Bites on closeout or through auction sites.
Finn Comfort, a well-known German brand, makes two lines of orthopedic golf shoes for men and women. Each pair is hand-made and retails for around $365. Otabo's high-end custom golf shoes can be fitted with orthotics through the company's “Orthopedia” program. The price tag: $400 and up.
Fortunately, you don't have to spend that much <a href="">Lebron Shoes Sale Online</a. If you suffer from a foot-related malady, though, it's essential to invest in special golf shoes or orthotics.
Your feet, and your scorecard, will thank you.
If you're a golfer plagued by a foot condition, orthopedic shoes or orthotics are a necessity. Unsure whether you need them? Telltale signs include unusual shoe wear, bunions, frequently sprained ankles, and pain in the heels, shins, knees or lower back.We offer a wide range of golf shoes on our site, so we can help many people find the golf shoes they want and need. If you wish to, take a look at our golf shoes.

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