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28.02.2014 03:35
With an appropriate glasses antworten

The accuracy of optometry Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses is essential. Children under the age of 16, the initial glasses do dilated, dilated before optometry. Dilated need some medicine, so the eyes muscles fully rest, exposing the real degree, so as to avoid the mistake pseudomyopia true myopia?

For adults, the degree is relatively stable, if not regularly review the degree of change, then there is no need dilated. However, each time before glasses should be re- optometry. A lot of people make reference to their old optician glasses directly on the glasses, which is not correct.

Older people with reading glasses, do not dilated, but be sure to go to a regular hospital, optician optometry center, because some people 's eyes is not the same degree, and the IPD is not the same for everyone.

After mydriasis optometry, but also to do a re-inspection to determine the degree of myopia and it will do a simple check of some visual function, such as checking whether the balance of the eyes, eye position is not a problem and so on. If Visual functions do have problems, but also according to situation to do some visual functions training to ease eye strain.

Lenses, frames should be fine pick

After the necessary scientific optometry optician. A lot of people pay attention optometry, but that where with Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses is the same, this is a misunderstanding. Glasses in the process of science, in fact, there are many processes.

First, the choice of lenses of different groups are distinguished : the best students with white lenses, because in the room a little more, but the material is the best choice for lightweight, durable, non- breakable resin lenses ; often in front of the computer work best young white-collar Select anti blue lenses, because the computer in a certain band of blue light is harmful to eyes ; engaged in outdoor work friends can be considered anti-UV lenses, or prescription sunglasses, reduce sun damage to the eyes.

Secondly, matching glasses must be based on the results of a full range of optometry optometrist offer, including degree, IPD, etc. Presbyopia and myopia patients can consider something called progressive multifocal glasses, looking away is a degree, look near another degree, so to avoid repeatedly pick to wear glasses.

Frames, to choose not only beautiful, but also science, People with high myopia lenses thicker edges, punch glasses unsuitable. Finally, we need to adjust the glasses according to face shape, such as nose pads, temples, etc. In addition, contact lenses and not all of them fit. Moreover, contact lenses are not suitable for all people. For example, there keratitis, or active trachoma, conjunctivitis, eye redness, itching, discharge and more people, it is best not to wear Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount contact lenses.

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