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27.02.2014 07:28
Diaper Dekor vs antworten

Diaper Wayne Gretzky Authentic Jersey Dekor vs

I just put them into the kitchen garbage and took it out once a day. We never had any problems with smell. IF it was super stinky exploded one, I would put it in a small plastic bag and just toss it in the outside garbage right away, which was still less work than the genie IMO.

After a few babies, I prefer simplicty!

A girlfriend of mine has the diaper champ and I thought it stunk. It doesn't really have any seal to it, so the smell, in my opinion, leaks out. On the other hand, the not having to buy special bags argument bears some weight.

We have a diaper genie II and it works well. The refills are $5.99 7.99 and are often on sale and we go through about one a month. I will admit that it does smell sometimes. But in the 10 months we've had it, only 3 4 times. I'd buy it again. And it can also create mold or attrack those nasty little nats. We threw ours away after about 3 weeks, it was just a pain, and NASTY! We just keep a trash bag outside and after I'd change a diaper I would wrap it up in a walmart grocery sack and then put it outside in the trash bag to eliminate any smells or nats in the home!

I have the Dekor. We used it for 2 years with our DD and didn't have any diaper stink. The plastic liners are very convenient and last forever but I do think you could use your own bags if you really wanted too. I'm not sure it would work as well. think we changed the Dekor bag about twice a week and I think we only bought two boxes of plastic refills during that 2 year period and I still have one of the refills. Like some of the others said, I did end up putting some pee diapers in the regular trash too. have heard good things about the Diaper Genie too, but I just couldn't seem to get it right when I tried it at a friends house. Sam Gagner Authentic Jersey I plan on using the Dekor again and when you're done using it, it looks like a regular trash can.

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