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25.02.2014 08:12
need video game ideas antworten

I need video game ideas

I need video game ideas!I am currently starting to design an Xbox 360 game using Microsoft XNA Game Studio (a library for rmaking X360, Zune and PC games in the C language), but I am stumped at thinking of ideas. I have thought of many that seem good at the time, but while starting to plan, program, or make graphics for them, i realize it wasn't that good of an idea and give up on them. If it is good enough, it will be sold on the Xbox LIVE marketplace (under Community Games) and can win a contest. If you do help me and give a suggestion, please know this will be a 2D game (i can do all the work for a small game, but I can't do 3d modelling). Also, I can use an advanced physics engine and there aren't really any limits to ideas I could use. If you do give me an idea, I can even give you credit in the game. Also, it should be something original and innovative, think outside the box! Thanks in advance if you do help me out, this is probably the hardest part of game making!I call my idea Arena 5000. You and/or upto 16 mates enter an arena and at first you have a objective say stay alive for 5minutes against 500 AI enemies and then the next round you enter the arena and you have to take and hold an objective against 1,000 enemies. Each arena will have 10 rounds and each round the objective changes and the enemies you face increase by 500 so by round 10 you face the 5,000.

Before you enter the arena you'll have an interactive safe area for you and/or your team mates where you can customise your kit you want to take, Henrik Zetterberg Kids Jersey practise using your kit/vehicles. Buy ammo, fuel and other kit that you want to use in the arena.

Each Arena will allow you new kit to use, and each arena you'll face different enemies. From prehistoric dino's to futuristic robots, it's really a question of what the creators want to do that they find fun.

To keep the game fair, the player would always have kit/weapons that were far more advanced than Henrik Zetterberg Youth Jersey those the enemy used.

For eg. if you fought against Medieval enemies, the player would be able to use far more mordern weapons like machine guns, high powered rifles, jeeps and buggies maybe even tanks and helicopters. The enemy could use catapults and ballista Johan Franzen Kids Jersey which would do damage to both vehilces if they hit. Also both vehicles would have limited ammo and fuel so couldn't dominate the game.

And for a little extra fun you'd be able to enter an arena and fight your buddies instead of AI.4 months agoReply Johan Franzen Authentic Jersey

The other game idea I have for you could be called Death Toll 9 . Death toll 9 has a multiplayer mode in which players fight against zombies together ,only the zombies are not even human appearing any more they look like mutants/aliens and they also come from your feet but mainly there is hidden camping spots through out the game that allow you to get further. This game takes place in the future when man kind has forced half the population to become cyborgs and the other half to remain human. This is because of a parasite that is spreading through out the world and the only way to survive is to become a cyborg and fight. In the game you have 3 types of weapons , projectile weapons , laser weapons and plasma weapons. Plasma weapons have to be unlocked by completing challenges and going to the next level. Laser weapons are only unlocked after you complete hidden challenges which take at least 5 levels to complete. The projectile weapons are your default gun and are basically pistols and machine guns. You are collecting samples of every breed of the parasite in the game, that is basically your currency which goes along way. At the end of the game you get a weapon which fires an antibiotic for every strand of parasite on the game. the parasites hunt by attacking their victims from behind and slashing the back of their victims and laying their eggs in their back. Your grenades are actually a special type of bomb which uses liquid nitrogen and pellets that act like shrapnel to kill the parasite with out damaging it too much. There are also boss parasites which are like the studs or the pack leader which is the only male to breed with the females. The stud can absorb your weapons and use the against you so you have to use the freeze grenades.4 months agoReply

I call it Space Redemption , It starts out with a flash of pictures of the construction of a mining facility on the moon. The facility uses solar panels spread along the surface of the moon to trap solar energy. Inside the main building where a man is stacking his money on his desk ,beneath him is a room which has been using large machine to melt the metal and the men controlling them are engineers that committed crimes on earth and where banished into space. The Planet Earth still has not invented hover cars and warp engineers because people believe that aliens are inhabiting the far reaches of our solar system. The man using the prisoners is making a large scale gun that shoots projectile ships that each have food,water and oxygen recycling systems in them. The projectile ships have boosters behind them to move faster and gas releasing thrusters to move them in different directions. Then the pictures stop and it shows the main character, a man who had a murder charge. The man has a name, a gang name which is _______. _______had his gang surgically implant an electrical weapon into his hand which releases taser like electric power. _______uses this hidden weapon he claims is a tattoo to his advantage. ______ releases his cuffs which are electrically bound using the weapon to frying the circuit inside them. He then murders the boss exactly when the project was completed. He escapes with 2 other prisoners into one of the projectile vehicles. The other prisoner stays behind and fires them into space , afterwards that prisoner pretends to be the boss . ______ remembers that he was never part of a gang but was a government official sworn to secrecy and was assigned to go to the moon facility pretending to be a murderer in order to save the earth from the aliens in the far reach of the solar system. The projectile vehicle was armed with 2 light lasers which reflect beams of light into compact yet invisible bullets which can cut the smaller alien ships in half. The lasers where intended to cut asteroids that could damage the ship. (your going to have to write every thing else after this). _______ eventually defeats the aliens and returns to earth a hero. but is concerned after hearing of another plan to destroy us.4 months agoReply

An Dan dragonballz game for xbox360 legacy of goku 3 firstperson action/adventure mixed between mirrors edge breakdown and assassin creed 4 and 3 and halo 4 play from bardock to goku jr. In this single player action with unreal engine open world gaming. The whole universe is yours to explore ships cars flying swimming sailing seek the dragonballs save or destroy the universe and battle zillions of foes no invisible walls or barriers fight hide sneak drive play sports and more5 months agoReply

Make a war game that you are not out in the open shooting,instead you have a labtop device and you hide in the battle area and use your labtop to control your war bot to hunt down and kill other players in the war zone,who are also in hideing.

You can go threw destroying others bots and find the ones controlling them and kill them or capture them for better upgrade to your bot.

This will all be in a open range area such as desert or woods jungle swamp.

Use free rome to travel the map and try take over area.

Gme would have real players and computer players in it.

5 months agoReply

Hey I think My idea is great but can be a little more specific,

Imagine a open world action game where you truly make your own superhero. The game would have a full selection of powers ever used in fiction, You choose one and then there would be development trees for each power. yes were talking about over 100 powers here but that would give the game appeal.

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