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22.02.2014 08:23
Rhode Island new Obamacare antworten

Ted authentic peyton manning jersey Nesi

(WPRI) Rhode Island new Obamacare insurance marketplace, HealthSource RI, says the pace of enrollment has been picking up as a deadline nears for individuals to sign up if they want to have health coverage on New Year Day.

HealthSource RI enrolled 2,820 individuals in private health insurance plans over the first two weeks of December, according to figures the agency released Monday. That was more than twice as many people as HealthSource RI signed up during the entire months of October and November combined.

Whether it a church hymn, the Brown Christmas soundtrack or the Donkey, just about everybody has certain songs and recordings they love to hear at this festive time of year.

But what if you a Rhode Islander who wants your tinsel tunes with a little local flavor? Nesi Notes has you covered. These are the five best Christmas albums recorded by Rhode Island natives. (Are there other Christmas albums by Rhode Island natives? Let me know in the comments!)

1. Eileen Farrell, for Christmas (1960). This relatively obscure record is one of the most elegant holiday recordings ever made. Eileen Farrell vaudevillian parents moved their family to a house on Manville Road in Woonsocket, her mother hometown, in time for Farrell to enroll at Woonsocket High School, where she sang with the band. Crowned of the finest American sopranos of the 20th century by a British newspaper, Farrell went on to make pop records and TV guest appearances while also singing at the New York Metropolitan Opera. This album peyton manning authentic jersey has a mix of familiar and obscure carols, with lush orchestrations by Luther Henderson, all sung beautifully by Farrell. To the surprise of just about nobody, Gina Raimondo jumped into the race for governor this week; to the apparent surprise of some, she did so as a Democrat. Her announcement video was highly polished but slightly stilted luckily for her Angel Taveras and Clay Pell aren exactly Obama level orators themselves. We still know next to nothing about what policy proposals Raimondo (let alone Pell) will run on. But we do know something about where their campaigns start financially: Raimondo has $2.3 million, Taveras has less than $800,000, and Pell has nothing. Moreover, as Scott MacKay astutely notes, starting Jan. 1 Raimondo can go back to her sizable network of donors and ask every one of them to give her another $1,000, while Pell is thought to have plenty of money in his own bank account to pour into a campaign. That leaves Taveras as the odd man out, possessingneither a large personal fortune nor a vast fundraising network to counter his rivals. The Taveras camp deep concern about that was on vivid display in an email he sent Friday with the stark subject line a reference to Raimondo financial advantage. is a campaign based on Main Street values, the mayor wrote his supporters. we need to make sure we have the resources to make sure our story and vision can be heard. Can you help us get the word out by donating $35, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford before our Dec. 31 deadline to make sure we have enough? Nobody can accuse Taveras of sugarcoating: the email republished Raimondo first attack on him and MacKay doubts about his fundraising. (WPRI) Providence mayoral candidate Brett Smiley on Thursday called for a 10% supplemental sales tax on all gun and ammunition purchases to create a funding stream for anti violence programs in Rhode Island's urban communities.

The sales tax pitch was part of the Democrat's eight page public safety plan to make Providence "the safest city of its size in the country," a goal he said he could achieve by growing the police force, reducing gang and domestic violence, and expanding treatment services for addicts and offenders. (WPRI) Treasurer Gina Raimondo officially jumped into the 2014 race for governor of Rhode Island on Wednesday, placing an emphasis on her commitment to her family and her desire to tackle the state intractable economic problems.

WPRI 12 political analyst Joe Fleming said the announcement isn a surprise and called her a candidate. Providence Mayor Angel Taveras campaign criticized her for quickly going negative. And the American LeadHERship super PAC said it would swing into action to promote her candidacy. (WPRI) A year after undocumented students who attended high school in Rhode Island became eligible to receive in state tuition, 74 students have enrolled at the state's three public colleges, well below the figure advocates estimated would take advantage of the policy.

Lifespan is Rhode Island largest private employer, a not for profit medical giant with $1.7 billion in annual revenue. It also facing major challenges: Lifespan continuing operations posted a net loss of $5 million last year, and controversy is still swirling after a WPRI 12 report revealed former CEO George Vecchione nearly $8 million pay package in 2011.

Rob Lazerow is an expert on the hospital industry at The Advisory Board Company, a Washington based consultancy. He previously worked as an analyst in the Rhode Island health insurance commissioner office. We peyton manning 4x jersey talked this week about the problems confronting Lifespan and other hospitals and what the outlook is. The transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

First off the bat, is the Advisory Board Company doing any work with any of our hospitals or hospital systems in Rhode Island?

I don know how familiar you are with the Advisory Board and the type of business model we have, but we have a membership based model, so organizations are basically members for a year or multiple years, and that does include some organizations in Rhode Island. We also, through our Southwind consulting division, working at the state level to support the Healthy Rhode Island initiative. So some of my colleagues would certainly have collaborated with some of the providers in the state.

And you yourself actually went to Brown University, right?

December 14th, 2013 at 5:00 am by Ted Nesi under Nesi's Notes, On the Main Site, The Saturday Morning Post

1. The Republican primary fight between Allan Fung and Ken Block is starting to get interesting, as well it should the GOP nomination is a valuable commodity. The Rhode Island Democratic Party hasn won an election for governor since 1992. The Washington Post Aaron Blake has suggested that recent Republican gubernatorial wins in Southern New England have been part of a slow fadeout for the party locally, akin to how Democrats held onto some Southern congressional seats well into the 1990s. Maybe. Then again, Don Carcieri managed to win re election in 2006 despite an extremely difficult political environment for Republicans. Carcieri won 18,000 more votes than Lincoln Chafee that year; John McCain underperformed Carcieri by 32,000 in 2008, and Mitt Romney did so by 40,000 in 2012. So both Fung and Block have good reason to fight for the GOP banner if they want to be the peyton manning 2x jersey next governor. Fung remains the favorite because of his longer history with the party and previous elected experience, but the decision this week by Carcieri fundraiser Tony Bucci to sign on with Block is another sign the former Moderate Party founder will be competitive.

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